Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Attempt to survive in a prison where every sentence is a death sentence!

Adventure MDickie 2013-10-03
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The version of Hard Time (Prison Sim) was last updated to 2019-04-04
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: - Improved compatibility with the latest devices and operating systems. - Various bug fixes & balancing.

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.0 and up to run the application correctly
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The Hard Time (Prison Sim) application offers the option to make purchases. $2.99 per item
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The toughest prison sim in the yard - now celebrating over 10 MILLION downloads!!! Create your own inmate and attempt to survive in a prison where every sentence is a "death" sentence. Rub shoulders with up to 100 fellow inmates in a sprawling jail of 12 unique areas, each filled with fully interactive furniture and props. Plus a life beyond the jail populated by real civilians, with wardens enforcing dozens of different laws to stop you from making a break for it. Each day, you will find your health and mental state slipping away. Both can be restored by sleeping - which is also a good way to pass time. You won't always be permitted to sleep, though, so consuming food and drink bridges the gap. These, along with many other activities such as reading or watching TV, can also help to improve your mental state. If you "lose your mind" you will break down and will temporarily lose control of your character (almost certainly getting into trouble!). Your character also has a set of attributes that you are challenged to improve: - STRENGTH indicates how much damage you can inflict or absorb. You can improve it by fighting or lifting weights. - AGILITY determines how fast you move. You can improve it by jogging in the yard or scoring baskets. - INTELLECT reflects your knowledge - including fighting skills such as counters. You can improve it by reading books. - REPUTATION is how much other prisoners respect you. It can be improved by accomplishing tasks or intimidating others. There are also opportunities to earn money - whether you work for it with a broom, trade items at a profit, or run with a gang. Having money increases your opportunities to grease the wheels and make your life inside easier. You may find that you need to go to the toilet from time to time, in which case you must race to the bathroom! Alternatively, you could find a toilet to sit on or grab some toilet paper to spare your blushes. Failing to do so will damage your reputation and mental state. I regret that there is more to this game than I could ever explain here, so I hope you enjoy figuring some things out for yourself. Upgrade to "VIP" to enjoy the full experience without ads - plus access to the editor that allows you to customize your character and every other. BASIC CONTROLS: (*Look out for tutorials within the actual game) The game uses buttons where letters like GTA represent what they do: G = Grapple / Throw weapon T = Taunt (interact with handheld props) A = Attack (on its own to kick, with a direction to punch) R = Run P = Pick-Up / Drop OTHER CONTROLS - Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack. - Press any button with any direction (or none) in a grapple to trigger different moves. - Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fire to a small object (which can then be used to set fire to a large object). - Touch the clock to pause the game and bring up options to exit. - Touch any speech bubble to speed through conversations. PERFORMANCE - If you find your device struggles to display lots of characters, considering keeping the "Population" option low. - "Speed Up Frame Rate" sleeping will require good performance at the default frame rate. - Head to the "Display" options to tone down other features.

PREETY SHAWheart piercing. 2020-08-21
When I play the game sometimes the button vanish
Soumik Hazra 2020-08-21
I am not getting any control buttons on the game
jesus ministry 25 2020-08-21
Syarfiq Fariz 2020-08-21
To many ads
Vishesh Gond 2020-08-21
Please fix the problem I am not able to move fix this bug or I will delete the 2 games of Mduckie
Minu Tanyang 2020-08-21
Joseph Landu 2020-08-21
Your games or the best make more games
STEPHEN Vorster 2020-08-21
Zee Lokey_ 2020-08-21
No cap Hard Time is a good game but if it had online then it be my favorite game frfr.
Artūrs Lauss 2020-08-21
The fact that the previously free custom character option took all the fun away and it shows that they have become greedy. I wish that i never had updated the game.>:(
Jesse Richard 2020-08-21
Wow what a glorious way to ruin a game you make everything that was originally free now cost real money I'm disappointed that I reinstalled this
The Real Keyauna 2020-08-21
I rememeber playing this years ago. Now i try to get it back and once i costumize my character, the judge was trying to say stuff its a major glitch. Their faces were just glitchy and bloody. Its scary. Dont get this game!
Alex Torres 2020-08-21
Really funny and fun
Simon Angolo 2020-08-20
zahra gazizadeh 2020-08-20
good game
Hanzo375 2020-08-20
It used to be cool until he stopped updating it or if he is updating it it's not enough and it got boring over time now you gotta pay to cus your own character so long story short the game is trash
Josiah Sokalingum 2020-08-20
this is a awesome game that's why I gave five stars
Combine Soldier #246 2020-08-20
I can't even control my character
Chumki Dutta Chanda 2020-08-20
Why there are no control is visible I played this a month ago but deleted it but now I downloaded 2 times the controlld are not there there
brock Lesnar junior 2020-08-20
the best game ever played in prison
A Google user 2020-08-20
Thish is good game
Neelan Naicker 2020-08-20
They must maked a sim game
Prashant Mohan Sahay 2020-08-20
Best fighitng app .
Amit Singh 2020-08-20
No no this is not fantasting
Kidem Teketel 2020-08-20
I downloaded wr3d wr2d and you testenment and hard tume mdicke os the best lublisher in playstore
Muhd Shafiq 2020-08-20
Damn it today this game unfortunately when i try open date 20.8.2020
A Google user 2020-08-20
Best action 🎮
Laxmi priya Mishra 2020-08-20
Very good game for the first few days to see you and catch the game
PREDATOR GAMING It is so funny game
manoj kumar 2020-08-20
This game is very good i really like this i have to say that plz update the game and add new moves
Reena Thakur 2020-08-20
Nice game😊🙂
Rose Betasolo 2020-08-20
very love this game i danload this its free to upgrade i play all is ok next time i unintall this game and i danload it but the costume is not free now???the costume character is not free its glitch in fisrt danload is free in next danload its not free its glitch🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
shri ram 2020-08-20
I can't say anything but this game is op
Seema Garg 2020-08-20
Boring game but i liked it very much
Duck's Channel 2020-08-20
It's a very good game! And not slow everyday i love to
Ramdas Gaikwad 2020-08-20
I like the game but the wardens and other prisoners always attack me when I have done nothing to them
Edwin Coelho 2020-08-20
Ricky Thompson 2020-08-20
I love this game I play it all the time thanks Matt.
Edward Miles 2020-08-20
Ethan Savill 2020-08-20
Good it can get a little improvement i would recommend if you take time in game
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