Kids Colors Tap And Learn

Kids learn the names of basic colors. Easy for babies, toddlers, & preschoolers.

Educational goathairware 2015-10-25
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Kids Colors Tap And Learn is designed for kids to easily and quickly learn the names of 12 basic colors: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, brown, black, white, orange, tan, purple, and gray. It is a great way to assist you in teaching your child the names of the basic colors. The game interface is very simple and easy to learn. It is just one screen. Even the youngest children will be able to play it on their own. Upon tapping on a color, the name of the color is displayed. This can help older children learn how to spell each color name. This makes it an appropriate learning tool for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten age children. This app does contain advertisements via Google's AdMob service, but no ads will be displayed from categories that Google labels as sensitive. Good luck and have fun!

Edmund Mensah 2020-07-01
Naila Ji 2020-05-04
Colours name urdu ma
Elizabeth Wingate 2020-04-21
My first thought was " So thats it?".
Chitrasen Mandal 2020-03-30
Very nice
J. k Thakur 2020-03-30
Naveed Naveed 2020-03-14
I did't know the most of colours before!
Ayyappan G 2019-12-24
Good app
Mafaz Mohamed 2019-09-25
naresh kalal 2019-09-13
Anna Morales 2019-09-08
Perfect for 2 year old baby
Tapas Sethi 2019-07-13
nyc app
Alok Kumar 2019-07-12
the learning app winderful it is
Okwuchi chinyere chukwuma 2019-04-10
Tanha Gaming 2019-03-06
british empire 2019-03-03
this game is for my age lol...
Simon Mugo 2018-12-31
nice app for kids
A Google user 2018-11-08
Very boring
A Google user 2018-10-09
Really most apps
Lalitha Konijeti 2018-09-16
Wast app
Gobinda Nayak 2018-08-21
Sanjay Patil 2018-08-01
small good
Memoni Tafseers and Translations 2018-07-18
Good app
A Google user 2018-04-24
Usama Askari Official 2018-04-22
Jitna yeh ilm de rahe hain itna toh her kisi k paas hota ho gha
Mohammad Rafiq 2018-04-16
Good app
Brilliant games for kids
A Google user 2018-03-16
This is a good App it's not bad for kids........ my kidss loved this 👨‍❤️‍👨
Zabiulla Ig 2018-03-16
abdulmajidshaikhabdulgaffar 2018-02-28
Super app and super Useful app
saurav shishodia 2018-02-12
Md Arifmolla 2018-01-31
Friend BD 2018-01-01
A Google user 2017-12-30
Its ok game
mat_pagal premii 2017-12-28
So you
Gofaone Motlogelwa 2017-09-06
Its good
A Google user 2017-08-24
Pabitra Mudi 2017-07-19
Green my best color
Althea Lor Mission 2017-06-19
I love it
A Google user 2017-06-16
Very exel
Kanayo Lipstry 2017-05-29
Very nice
A Google user 2017-05-15
Lovely game
A Google user 2017-03-28
Emanuel Mathew 2017-03-06
Not bad
Johnel Jalandoni 2016-12-03
Yo-yo had snor
A Google user 2016-10-24
My daughter loved it
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