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Sing along kid's favorite songs. Kids songs app that can be played offline

Educational EduNet Indonesia 2017-09-18
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The version of Kids Songs - Best Offline Songs was last updated to 2020-08-14
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According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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Offline application contains collection of children's songs which is an application for educating children with songs that are age-appropriate for shaping the children character’s. A stand alone application that do not require a link with other applications, just touch and play. It is the perpect app for road trip, flights or just to keep children engaged at home with educational app. Copyright of songs and the lyrics on this application belong to origin singers, song writers, musicians and producers. If you are the copyright holder of the songs on this application and do not want your song is displayed , please contact us by email developer/ developer and tell us about your ownership status over the song. We will immediately remove songs or lyrics. We apologize if there are errors on this application. Hopefully this application is useful for the children education. Thank you.

Claudia Scheepers 2020-08-25
My son love the song everyone 💯👌
Nomhle Shabangu 2020-08-25
I love this 😍
wabala simon peter 2020-08-25
Looks and sounds nice
Deborah Anuoluwapo 2020-08-24
I love it and it makes someone to read and write
Uttam Biswas 2020-08-24
I love this game
Oby Onwuka 2020-08-23
Queen Abemoyin 2020-08-23
Wonderful App
Stacyann Solozano 2020-08-22
Great 👍
Jane Kwe 17 2020-08-21
Wonderful game and songs
Emma Meameno 2020-08-20
👌💯👌 I love this App
Kiana De jesus 2020-08-19
Asumadu Comfort 2020-08-17
Is very nice and easy for toddlers
Shamaine Mupakaviri 2020-08-17
Kaltuma Jattani 2020-08-16
The app iz good bt kind of hunging
Ife Yisa 2020-08-16
Very good my son love it so much that he will be playing it everyday
Emily Kinyua 2020-08-16
Very good app
Peter Hanson 2020-08-15
nawphawsaypo po 2020-08-15
Good for kids
Yoyo Yoyo 2020-08-14
my sister like this songs very much and l rate this app 5 stars
Thabang Rachel 2020-08-14
Beatriz Abis 2020-08-14
This is amazing keep up the good work because when im bored and unhappy i will only play this i like this sing because i love the nursery songs☺😊☺😊
levi labiaga 2020-08-14
jsuan jana akak
Angela Marshall 2020-08-14
My daughter loves this app so much she uses it more than anything else
Mary Nabukera 2020-08-13
It's a good app for my four months son
Jay Ann Rojo 2020-08-13
Fikadh yihunbehiwete 2020-08-13
This app is very helpful thanks fore give this app
Yusuf Dorcas 2020-08-12
I hate this app
Catgal Malindi 2020-08-11
My kid enjoys it
Maya Mohammadi 2020-08-11
Don't download this
Grace Nancy 2020-08-10
I have no
Riddhi Singh 2020-08-10
It I'd ofline
Joyce Bett 2020-08-10
I really love this game because you hear songs for Sunday night so you have to download the game 👍👍😜😜
Janet Chepkirui 2020-08-09
Rafiq Sana 2020-08-09
Perfect profit app good
Nana Thusi 2020-08-08
These songs are awesome
Beatrice Oluwatoyin 2020-08-08
Lovely for kids
Heziel mae Ganda 2020-08-07
sharon turla 2020-08-07
Love it
Maria Ebarita 2020-08-06
wen i was Little I was playing this kids song and i went to playstore to Get so app and i see this idownload i finally find this And its make me cry because Iwast a kid Wen i was hiring in this song's
Roselyn Madivoli 2020-08-06
It's just the best and my baby likes the songs dances to every rythm
john maina 2020-08-06
Nyc one
Fathima Suhara 2020-08-06
Amike Mostert 2020-08-06
30 songs.
Rhian Zhia 2020-08-05
, teaching how to learn 😊
Mahnoor Batool 2020-08-05
Its relly a!azing app i like this app🙈🙉🙊
atukunde daphine 2020-08-05
So good
Nqobile Nene 2020-08-05
Giovanni Aballe 2020-08-04
i liked it iven this is note my phone that the song s i loved
Tina Khiwa 2020-08-04
It very good
Dominic Baggay 2020-08-03
Mish Oyondi 2020-08-03
Its nice My kids love it
Cherry Ventula 2020-08-03
I like the app
Audry Martinez 2020-08-03
This song is not working but I love this s App. I give this app a five star
Awor Elizabeth 2020-08-02
Lots of fun and educative
Emmy Casperz 2020-08-01
Learning made easy
my seka seka 2020-08-01
Awesome thanks alot
Gitari Musa 2020-08-01
I love this game but I hate the sound
Eunice j. Tagud 2020-08-01
This is grate for my little brother
jbskie vicentino 2020-07-31
Sindisiwe Mhlongo 2020-07-31
So educational to young ones
Macahilas Kirstine 2020-07-31
Lawrencia Saba 2020-07-31
I really like this app
Katendi Sakuwaha 2020-07-31
Archita Gattani 2020-07-31
My daughter enjoys it a lot
Nickesha Shaw- Myles 2020-07-31
Noor Badshah 2020-07-30
Rebecca Becky 2020-07-29
I love it my baby sister is sleeping
Genevieve Dunuan 2020-07-29
Aiza Lee 2020-07-29
Amasing app 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚aoakka
Very good app for learning songs
Glory Arvan 2020-07-28
Becuese i rate this because not instald
Sara Musa 2020-07-27
So nice
Mavbrik Valeriano 2020-07-25
i really like this app .that's why i give it 5 star .my daughter really love those song eventhough i don't open my data the music still can play.
Angela 2020-07-25
lucy anzy 2020-07-24
I love it.
Rethabile Letanke 2020-07-24
I like this app the only problem is that it says they play offline kid songs but it doesn't play at all i want this play store to play offline games and offline kids songs without data and wi-fi I,m Rethabile letanke and i am in grade 4 and i am 9 years old but the kids songs is for my babysister not for me i thank you very much Regards:Rethabile Angela Thlakange,👌👌👌
Kofito Delight 2020-07-24
youniti youtub 2020-07-22
Good songs
Darkwah Richmond 2020-07-22
Very fantastic. This will help the kid's to learn more.
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