Save up to 90% on your prescriptions with the Kroger Rx Savings Club.

Medical GoodRx 2018-08-14
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Save up to 85% on your prescriptions with the Kroger Rx Savings Club. Kroger Rx Savings Club members can buy more than 100 common generic prescriptions for $6 or less. Some prescriptions are even FREE - that's right, $0! Our prices are so low, they may beat your insurance co-pay. Plus, there are no forms, no pre-approvals or paperwork required. Kroger Rx Savings Club is a paid membership program. Your membership card is built right into the app - just show your pharmacist to save. Use the app to sign up, see past purchases, look up current prices and drug information, and more. You can use your membership card to save at any of Kroger's family of pharmacies across America.

dave duvall 2020-09-02
Not paying to order my meds.
William M. 2020-08-31
All it is is GoodRx. GoodRx is free. Prove me wrong.
GC B 2020-08-30
I love that my prescriptions and everything are stored in one app and it's easy to use and reorder.
Peter Kubisty 2020-08-28
Too invasive, an app for shopping, that wants permissions? Eh?
Steve Everett 2020-08-26
Just okay, many prescriptions are cheaper with GoodRX.. which doesn't cost me $30 something dollars a year
Christopher Esposito 2020-08-13
Couldnt make a login account. All i need is to keep up on meds
Mitchell Gray 2020-08-09
This is not free! It's $36.00 for one person..why would no one mentioned that in their review?
Judith Norton 2020-08-01
Have to pay.
dail Jones 2020-07-31
Some how my birth date was wrong in the system. So, I went in to try to change it. Embarrassed to say, I spent about an hour and absolutely got no-where.
Sharon Hendrickson 2020-07-26
What good is a pharmacy app that doesn't provide a way to order refills?!
Linette Williams 2020-07-24
There is a problem putting this app on my home page, other then that it's great sources of info.
Deborah Smith 2020-07-22
Pay for it, nope...
Joyce Wilder 2020-07-21
Love being able to have my dogs on this plan!!
Carolyn Devaraj 2020-06-19
Very good
Ryerson Rich 2020-06-09
W we g ttd Mike
Carol Pybrum 2020-06-08
Frustrating!!! I can't find the app that I signed up for. How can I plan if I cannot get to the pricing?
Nick 2020-06-05
App has no use to me if it doesn't allow logging in as Google. When signing up for a new account with Kroger's RX savings club it offered the ability to sign up using my Google account. However, the app only allows a traditional username and password login.
Lonnie Williams 2020-05-18
Wonderfully cheep and greatful for the help of the app. Thanks
John G 2020-05-14
Saving lots of money with this app. Two of my prescriptions are free one is $6 for a 90 day supply, and one is $12 for a 90 day supply. The same prescriptions would cost me about 90 bucks at CVS.
Elizabeth F Hamilton 2020-05-08
I have saved so much money in this program. I love it and highly recommend it to everyone!
Floyd Perlman 2020-04-29
Works very well, saves me a lot. Just one prescription that was hard to fill and it just took time because it was out from the manufacturer.
jeanette akers 2020-04-20
Shirley Kidd 2020-04-07
Easy app to use. Love it
Jeff Gilchrist 2020-03-29
Does not work.
John Bryant 2020-03-27
I Love to have the App but I can't seem to get it to down load
Leigh Ann labor 2020-03-26
DELETING APP... I hate Krogers RX app! When I try to log in, it wont let me! If insurance allowed me to go back to Walgreens, I would in a heartbeat & I would NEVER return to Kroger. The hrs do NOT work for us either! Walgreens & the app is 24 hrs a day! Now the savings, are great! The Walgreens app is flawless! Somebody w/Krogers app design needs to figure out why Walgreens is so successful in every way.
Ronald Warden 2020-03-22
youall will save alot .. so come get u some
Robin Norman 2020-03-11
Tried downloading app. Waited 5 minutes. Then gave up. Why has this app not been updated since august of 2018?
Stacia Pippin 2020-03-02
Hasn't worked at all.
Mary Nieto 2020-02-28
Saved on medication for me and my family
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