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Medical Advocate Aurora Health 2015-03-09
The size of LiveWell with Advocate Aurora on your device is 38M. The size of LiveWell with Advocate Aurora varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of LiveWell with Advocate Aurora is 185461
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The version of LiveWell with Advocate Aurora was last updated to 2020-07-01
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According to information from this application requires Android 5.0 and up to run the application correctly
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Get all your health info in one convenient place. With our new LiveWell with Advocate Aurora Health app, you can manage your health and wellness – as well as everyone who counts on you. With LiveWell, you can: • Start a video visit or e-visit to get a fast diagnosis and treatment plan • Manage care for yourself and everyone who counts on you all in one place • Schedule appointments and get medications for everyone who depends on you • Message your providers • Get bill notifications • Take health quizzes • Get the latest health and wellness insights • Live mindfully with guided meditation exercises • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs

Cesar Coronado 2020-08-19
I like the overall look and feel, and definitely love having everything in one place. Just needs to continue to be polished
Don Bason 2020-08-19
Very easy to set up
Kyle Birdsong 2020-08-18
Pointless. Download for immediate care bookings...redirects you to a website. Whats the point of the app?
Danielle Sikorski 2020-08-17
Good. Lots of health information in one place
Kelly G 2020-08-17
Everything you need at your fingertips.
Lucy Vega 2020-08-16
Excellent..and easy to use.
Sarah Tennessen 2020-08-16
Love it, I can easily keep up with appointments, test results and daily logs for me and my kids.
A Google user 2020-08-16
The worst app I have ever worked with will not recommend this one to anybody
Elaine Thompson 2020-08-15
Very good
Veronica Cisneros 2020-08-14
Great service friendly doctor and stuff
Tiffany M Griffin 2020-08-14
I really enjoy this app, it has been a big help to me and my family.
Mary Bingham 2020-08-14
Like it now that I figured it out
charlene bordeau 2020-08-13
The app is good it is just trying to talk to a provider is choppy most the time or hard
Penny Ratliff 2020-08-13
Easy to use, user friendly. Even for someone like me.
San Juanita Martinez 2020-08-13
Great App
cmdub0257 wms 2020-08-13
Love this app it keeps me in touch with all my Doctors and my sons too plus you can get test results
Brenda Mckinzie 2020-08-12
It's very good I have to get used to it.
Pablo Escobar 2020-08-12
Janice Aull 2020-08-11
Easy to use!
Krista Doerr 2020-08-11
It disabled itself
Greg Giese 2020-08-09
Never has my appointments on it, or at best is missing some. If you look to see appointments, the back button leaves the app! Basically worthless. At least MyChart worked. Not a big issue tho. There usually is a merger every couple of years to throw the auditors off.
Kendra McMillan 2020-08-08
No option to see password when typing
Pamela Cole-Bethany 2020-08-08
Easy to use & find your information. As a Senior Citizen I love it.
Steven Robinson 2020-08-07
The app works good it's the caregivers that need the upgrade and to actually care about people!
Julie Schaefer 2020-08-07
So easy to use , time saving and fast responses (usually that day).
Robert Faulkner 2020-08-06
Cannot go forward and back??
Norm Davis 2020-08-06
Lovely to view
Frederick Anderson 2020-08-05
Good information to track my visit as well as knowing about any due bills.
Ruth Evans 2020-08-05
Great job!
Devante Harris 2020-08-05
Love the Advocate Aurora App very convenient
Julie Baker 2020-08-03
Tried 2x to install & still don't have it
georgiana page 2020-08-03
This app verry good 40 🌟 S
Danica Almanza 2020-08-03
Very good
Debra McCraw 2020-08-01
So easy to get in touch with dr
Pat Borlen 2020-07-30
Zenovia Evans 2020-07-29
Much improved
Linda Testa 2020-07-29
Information I need when I need it.
Eno Rouse 2020-07-26
Eileen Kimmey 2020-07-24
It will not let you log out.
Cindy 2020-07-24
Incomplete development in my opinion. Bills from Good Sam outpatient lab show up and can be paid through the app but not from Christ. Tried to arrange an appointment through the app as directed by the physician finder website for Advocate Aurora but the only option that comes up for me under scheduling is for a mammogram.
Gloria Smith 2020-07-24
Excellent app very helpful and easy to use.
Lucinda McCafferty 2020-07-23
Nothing I needed
Carol Neumann 2020-07-23
Cuts out often. Cant view billing.
A Google user 2020-07-23
Just stated had no problems. It has now been over a year this patient app is good
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