Mine Maze 3D

Can you go through a maze cube?

Adventure ProdigyDev 2015-03-28
The size of Mine Maze 3D on your device is 40M. The size of Mine Maze 3D varies depending on the device and its version
According to forappslovers.com the number of downloads of Mine Maze 3D is 12997375
From the team at forappslovers.com that is included in the brand forworldlovers.com we can assure that the current version of Mine Maze 3D is 2.72.7
The version of Mine Maze 3D was last updated to 2019-07-23
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Troubleshooting and Performance Improvements

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at forappslovers.com we inform you that the content of Mine Maze 3D is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
We have detected that the Mine Maze 3D application contains ads.
ProdigyDev offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at forappslovers.com are happy to show it to you.

Cubic labyrinth nobody has managed to get to the end, if you can do it? The game is a classic maze, but in a cubic style. The game has over 20 levels of varying difficulty. Features: ● Unique Levels ● Easy operation ● Easy and challenging levels

jurland molenge 2020-07-31
It was lit but it not only the best way to get a chance to win the game
Allan Sarmiento 2020-07-26
Is original da game is a beautiful
Drew Rudkin 2020-07-23
This game is ok
aws ءوس أ لوسي 2020-07-22
Aradhna Sharma 2020-07-17
I love this game .I request to this game uploading man. I request you to upload this type of games please 🤗🤗🤗
Bolortuya Ganbaatar 2020-07-16
Katy Johnson 2020-07-13
Nathe Cunanan 2020-07-09
I love the game and the ads are not to many i love this game
Felix Rivera 2020-06-30
The controls are slow and clunky...
rakesh pervi 2020-06-28
Tati app
Troy 2020-06-27
I played this for hours when I was little and decided to come back for nostalgia reasons Its pretty good for what seems like a first time game developer
miss howe 2020-06-19
Is so so so good but whith the Stiring is so so so so so so so bad
Scott/Kyle Crawford 2020-06-15
I love this game but let me some more
Moneth Salvador 2020-06-13
Ok cge po
Raj Kamal 2020-05-18
Such a lovely app
Rodel Ragasa 2020-05-12
I'm not confuse in this game this COOL Game!!!!! I feel this maze real
claire leathem 2020-04-30
Emily Schmucker 2020-04-24
Kids love it
Eduardo Ponce 2020-04-18
Dumn game 👓👓👓👓👓
Naveed Ahmed 2020-04-05
I dont know what the level when Im stuck but I really like the game
Brandi Wilmurth 2020-04-05
It freaking sucks
Guy Guy 2020-03-30
It sucked
Lucas Andrade 2020-03-27
Jogo muito bem amei mudou minha vida!
Haley Cockerham 2020-03-24
This game gave me a headache and made me want to vomit.
Arlan Manga 2020-03-17
Restart is good
Vanessa August 2020-03-14
Arsh1926 Gaming 2020-03-08
It is awesome but please make a game for the floor is lava game pls do it soon
Carmel Flannery 2020-02-16
John michael A. Navarro 2020-02-14
I am going to be in the office And will have the rest for my next week in class and will not have to take it for granted as soon after all of it has taken a few months for the summer for the next few days for me ken and I will have the final and the final draft for you by tomorrow evening and then we should go ahead with this one for me as soon so that we have a better understanding and will do the needful for you to send out an invoice and send the signed documents back by Monday or Thursday t
timy pascal 2020-02-09
half good
Lily L 2020-02-06
It didnt work for me
Kusum Chaurasiya 2020-01-31
This is so so and so good because I am very confused in this game. It's like a real maze. I like this game very much. 🤗🤗🤗❤
Gmax Tmey 2020-01-29
Christian Reyes 2020-01-24
So cool I love it
Dongige 2019-11-24
Can't find way to last gem lvl 5 😔 I Wanna Keep This Game On My Device And Get It Inside "Lewis's Games" :) 😊
Shelamae Motilla 2019-10-25
This is amazing
Keagan Shirley 2019-10-24
I love this game! I always get lost but that makes it even more fun!
Mycah Hunter 2019-09-26
It's lame but entertaining i guess
Mickey Calliham 2019-09-22
It gave me a migraine and it moves too fast you can barely see
Corey Darton 2019-09-18
Amazing would play again hahaha didn't give me a migrane. Taught me how to get lost badly and how to use a compass with ads on. Best game evr 10/10 (Sarcasm)
M&M Adventure 2019-09-06
The first one to be the first
Amber Raghooputh 2019-09-03
I got bored only a few levels in
Peter Chaplin 2019-08-21
Beth F de Torres 2019-08-18
Gregory Hall 2019-08-13
brayden stinson 2019-07-30
3d 2 rate
Saba Al Ferdous 2019-07-28
super rubbish!
Ellie Sillah 2019-07-14
Tania Sullivan 2019-07-11
it is horible dont install it if you think it is like minecraft it is not
Raven Anne Sanfilippo 2019-07-08
The mazes were fun going thru them but it took a while going thru all 72 of them but it was kinda worth it 👍
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