Muse Dash

『The movement of our world has been adapted』 『Can you hear my whispering? 』

Music X.D. Network 2018-06-15
The size of Muse Dash on your device is 75M. The size of Muse Dash varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Muse Dash is 189585
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Muse Dash is 1.2.3
The version of Muse Dash was last updated to 2020-07-31
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: 1. Collaboration Music Pack [Nanahira festival ] debuts! 2. You can get the new collaboration start screen for free from July 31 to August 7 just by opening the game! After the period, it will be unlocked if you own "Just As Planned" or [Nanahira festival]. 3. Added one new illustration. 4. Changed the sound source for [Dr.Techro]. ( ‵▽′)ψ 5. Changed stages for several songs. 6. Changed the master difficulty display level from 8 to 9. 7. Fixed the sheet issue for [プナイプナイげんそう ~プナイプナイinワンダーランド~].

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of Muse Dash is tagged with the following characteristics: Teen
The Muse Dash application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $26.99 per item
X.D. Network offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at are happy to show it to you.
FLAT/RM A 21/F, NATHAN TOWER, 518-520 NATHAN ROAD Kowloon, Hong Kong

【Now Game Start!!——】 Come and fix the world movement tampered with by a mirror image code with three beauties! This is a world of the perfect combination of a cool parkour game and a traditional music game——Muse Dash!! Yes. You’re destined to be our Master! What? You don’t have nimble fingers? Meow~ Don’t be too modest! So, don’t worry! If you do not excel in playing action games, you can still overcome the difficulties by dancing to the music! Choose your favorite beauty to go through the romantic backdrop. Now let’s get started with our journey to wipe out all the adorkable monsters!!! 【Game Features】 You will go through an unprecedented experienceof the perfect visualeffects of a parkour game and the traditional gameplay of a music game. ◆ Unique and fashionable art design. There are 30 popular songs initially. Stay tuned for continuous updates! ◆ Different music styles are matched to different scenes, enemies and Bosses. We have beauties, adorable pets and even adorkable enemies! Believe me, you will even be impressed by the Boss! ◆Well-designed scripts and VO. 【Award】 Nominated, BitSummit VOL.6 2018 The Excellence in Sound Design Award Official Selection, Taipei Game Show 2018 Languages Supported: 简体中文(Simplified Chinese) 繁体中文 (Traditional Chinese) English 日本語(Japanese) 韩语(Korean) Facebook:@MuseDashtheGame Twitter: @MuseDashtheGame Service email: ©2018 X.D. Network Inc. All rights reserved.

Meidyan Amirullah 2020-09-16
Its fun and challenging
Pikaspatula 2020-09-16
Unstable delay in Redmi Note 9 Pro, it keeps changing even after I turned off percussion sounds
Seruptor Boyo 2020-09-16
Me like
M. Arya Bhagaskara 2020-09-15
The best
K valmer 2020-09-15
Leo IV 2020-09-15
Can't install google pixel 4a
Joseph Montanez 2020-09-15
I didn't even know this masterpiece of a game was on mobile. I literally looked it up as a joke lol
Azaerira 2020-09-14
I've played this game on different devices for the past few years. I love this game. The colours, the characters and especially the music. It's one of my favourite games.
Taku Noir 2020-09-13
Good game will recommend playing its fun and great for me to Practice tracking stuff
vpryn_ 2020-09-13
Samuel 1904 2020-09-12
Cute game UwU
Bernard Peh 2020-09-12
Nice character designs lmao
Nhân Nguyễn Hồng 2020-09-11
Easy to play, colorful, good music. Fan service is decent and illustrations are fantastic. Worth playing.
Sevysko 2020-09-10
What should i say its just good :3
ธีรภัทร์ อุ่นเเก้ว 2020-09-10
I love it SO cute fun and not too hard good music
Amazed Skittle 2020-09-10
Fantastic game! Love everything about it!! Only problem with me though, is that the game used to zoom in on the multi-hit enemies but now it doesn't? Any idea as to why?
Güller Şems diye Açmıyor 2020-09-09
little bit hard but extremly amazing game!!!
Leila Lee 2020-09-08
Junaid Salie 2020-09-08
Phenomenal addictive game
LJ Miranda 2020-09-08
Bloodu great! I don't know what to say. It's just great. But it'll be better if we add our own music. That's the only suggestion I can give.
ironsteve 34 2020-09-08
Love it
Low Kiat Siong 2020-09-07
I can't even land a beat properly while setting offset so I am stuck playing out of sync, it's a rhythm game so at least get that fixed
László Szántai 2020-09-07
1 of the greatest rhythm games of all time, its easy but the music is great, i can play on my huge phone bcs it has only 2 buttons, great job devs
JD Bugg 2020-09-07
What are the names of the bosses.
Elleana 2020-09-06
Pls add more skins
Austin Richard 2020-09-06
Would like controller support please!!
ziyan 2020-09-05
this game is good, thats it
Braixin Fifty 2020-09-05
The game works for some devices, the music isn't as good as I thought it would be, and the game is hard and goes too fast. I don't like it too much.
Sr. Aaron 2020-09-04
Rice Torttu 2020-09-04
I really like difficult games mlstly puzzles and strategy, but I also like osu! and Muse dash.
maybe is hitler 2020-09-04
Waste of money, game won't even start
kk no qq 2020-09-04
Safe Safari 2020-09-04
It translates so well from pc to mobile I love it, worth the money.
Nathaniel Harris 2020-09-03
Great songs!! noticed it glitch up a couple of times I guess trying to load? In ninja map the house in the back clip from right to left. Overall game is really really fun
some one 2020-09-03
i recommend the pc version too
Another Stando User 2020-09-03
This is a really amazing game so far although I feel that it would be much better if the DLC songs didn't require money. It would be much better if you could release certain songs so that people can slowly unlock them by leveling up.
Vanessa Sun 2020-09-03
God i love this game
SmokySkies 2020-09-03
Pretty good just dont like how you have to buy more music
Charles Weathersby 2020-09-02
Best mobile rythm game i've played.
Blue Lightning 2020-09-02
Bloody love it but i dont understand what that one expensive dlc includes?
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