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Medical UPMC 2018-07-21
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According to the number of downloads of MyUPMC is 184242
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of MyUPMC is 2.10.2
The version of MyUPMC was last updated to 2020-08-11
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According to information from this application requires Android 5.0 and up to run the application correctly
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UPMC offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at are happy to show it to you.

Manage your health information anywhere, anytime, with MyUPMC. With the MyUPMC app, you can easily communicate with your UPMC doctors, access family medical records, and manage your appointments, all from your mobile device. With MyUPMC, you can: • Send a message directly to your doctor’s office anytime • Schedule appointments with UPMC providers • Access your medical records and doctors' notes • Conveniently manage your family's health • See your test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Manage your appointments and save to your calendar • Renew prescriptions without calling your doctor’s office • Quickly view and pay your bills • Find a UPMC doctor, including primary, pediatric, and specialty care providers, and request to schedule an appointment. Access is convenient, free, and secure! For the best experience, please update your mobile device and tablet to the latest operating system. If you experience issues, completely close the app, restart your device and open the application. Encounter a problem? Need to ask a question? Please call the MyUPMC Support line at 1-866-884-8579, option 2. Have a suggestion or feedback? Email Thank you! Enjoying the MyUPMC app? Rate it now and let us know.

Carol Evans 2020-09-08
Very easy to use app
Debra James Bailey 2020-09-08
It's convenient and easy to use.
davecpgh 2020-09-08
Do my emails go to people in India who can't read English? That's what it feels like. Lots of my questions are never answered. They reply with what they want and avoid half of my email. Ask them to refill a prescription and where it goes to and they send to the wrong pharmacy. Then there are replies say they're from the doctor's nurses or assistants and are downright rude and uncaring of the situation. I have 6-7 doctors through there and most are like this.
James Amos 2020-09-08
Jerry Kundus 2020-09-08
Great app. Does it all! Good for a person eith a bad memory...
Becky Neal 2020-09-08
Easy to use, but could use more options to decipher test results.
Charles Putz Jr 2020-09-08
I use this app for many communications to my doctors and it's great to know what's going on with lab results in this fashion.
Henry Becker 2020-09-07
Mark Lawson 2020-09-07
G edwards 2020-09-07
Greatest app ever... especially when you go through and look at all of the options and information available to you.
Marcus Hunt Jr 2020-09-07
This app has been horrible never opens have to change my password repeatedly just to get in tech support says its fine even told me i hadnt changed my password since signing up Unfortanatly ive changed the password at least 4 times hard to have confindece in an app that dosent even know What they have helped me with
butters 1159 2020-09-07
Its been can ask your doctor questions about your condition and what direction to go in, and you get a response pretty quickly. It gives u reminders and confirms up coming can read ur test results at any given time....its a great app , and I have only meant nice people thru UPMC....
Marrissa Lambing 2020-09-07
Keith Smith 2020-09-07
It's always changing and it never lets me keep passwords or username that I can remember
Erica Bryant 2020-09-07
Gina DeBoe 2020-09-07
Too many so-called upgrades or updates....been updating for over an hour
Isabelle Grace 2020-09-07
Very pleased
Victoria Turowski 2020-09-07
Its nice to have my medical information on hand, I love the app alot.
Angel unger 2020-09-07
Etta Calvert 2020-09-06
TAMMY S. PHILLIPS 2020-09-06
The volume goes in and out
dee mitchell 2020-09-06
Ok Was fine
Art Glover 2020-09-06
Down load takes 1/2 a day
Janice Hauser 2020-09-06
Easy to. Follow
Michael Lanson 2020-09-06
Crashes...doesn't update...doesn't connect
Naomi Johnson 2020-09-06
This is really good. It helps you to get all information on time and communicate with them on time.
Dom Dooly 2020-09-06
Great app
barbara mesinger 2020-09-06
Exceptional care & program
Bill Rich 2020-09-06
Very useful
Robert Glass 2020-09-06
Def good for knowing apts and having any test results at all given times.
Patty McCune Grebiner 2020-09-06
Sierra Bell 2020-09-06
Used this for 4 years now. Easy to use and very helpful. Especially for a busier life style.
Stella Horvath 2020-09-06
I love the app. Very easy to use and convenient!!
Kristen Porter Boyer 2020-09-06
Love being able to message my Dr and get test results so fast!
Susan Serrapere 2020-09-05
Excellent app for information at my fingertips.
Heather Fiedler 2020-09-05
Works ok
Roberta Ellis 2020-09-04
Really good for making appointments
DIGGS VIEW 2020-09-04
Really fantastic
Sandra Bradley 2020-09-04
UPMC For Life is Great Insurance to have also!
Craig Brace 2020-09-01
Just started and very easy to get started
Margarita M 2020-09-01
Excellent app! They thought of everything! Easy to use and navigate. Works without any glitches on my Google Android.
micro donut 2020-08-31
Excellent service
Oscar Simmen 2020-08-31
Info at my fingertips. A+
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