Piano Music Go 2019: EDM Piano Games

💯2019 New HOT Songs are waiting for you! Tap tiles non-stop, enjoy music feast.

Music Joy Journey Music Games 2017-03-17
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Piano Music Go! is an amazing piano game that more than 20,000,000 players have downloaded and played! It is an easy music game that everyone can play. Come to challenge yourself while enjoying music. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist? Have you ever dreamed of playing piano songs like Faded, Little Star, Fur Elise, Canon or Jingle Bells? Now your dream can come true. With this game, even a child can play piano songs like a real piano expert. Play this music game with friends and family for even more fun. ✔How to play: 🎶Tap the black tiles following the rhythm of the music to create the melody 🎶Don't miss any black tiles, avoid the white ones 🎶The game will stop if you miss a black tile or tap on a white tile 🎶Collect as many gold and diamonds as you can to unlock new songs 🎶For a complete music experience, headphones are recommended ✔Game Features: 🎶Simple design and graphics. Easy to play and everybody can be the piano master 🎶High-quality music soundtracks and sound effects. Just like being at a concert 🎶Battle mode creates the opportunity for players to compete with others around the world. The winner takes it all! 🎶200+ classical songs. Choose your favorite songs to play! 🎶10+ different colored tiles to select create a different experience each time you play 🎶Hit great achievements to win extra diamonds and gold coins 🎶Single-player mode can also be played without internet Do any other songs want to play? Tell us! We will add to the game as soon as possible.

Bacon Bauri 2020-09-16
Monu Bauri
Klyven Kovalen 2020-09-16
Tii Alexander and komila
Arnel macaraig 2020-09-16
it's nice because there is no problem you can choose what color do you want and it's so comfortable you do whatever you want you can choose whatever you want to just anything you want and there's no problem if you go ano ang 3 star there you got a free
Lucy Wilhelm 2020-09-16
you should add more songs
Johanna Perez 2020-09-15
It's great
jelly harrison 2020-09-15
Love it
YouTube Xqex 2020-09-15
Sandy Ramdani 2020-09-15
Greatest piano music game ever
Zander Alden 2020-09-15
I love it so much
Caroline Anaya 2020-09-15
It is very slow to download this app,
Lynette Watson 2020-09-15
I love the new games 😄
Juan A GiboyeauxCamacho 2020-09-15
I give a 3 because i dont know how to put a profile pic but other than that i love the game i would love to know how do that.
Mohamed Abdallah 2020-09-15
حلوه جدأ
Madelyn Acosta 2020-09-14
I really live to play this game app..
Amir Badrooh 2020-09-14
Good games thanks work
KiRuR 2020-09-14
It's way too fast even for beginners and way too many ads, also it constantly has gotcha parts to make you pay money, garbage "game", stay away
Çäňdÿ Eÿe 2020-09-14
I really love this game 📇everyone should download
Lydia Zilevu 2020-09-14
I like this game
jana eslam 2020-09-14
I love the game so mach
dharshini yoga 2020-09-14
Tafadzwa Gerald 2020-09-14
Its epic👌
BOYS TUBE malayalam321 2020-09-14
I like the game.....♥
tony pietersen 2020-09-14
This game is pretty good I love it😄
Buyinza Bryan 2020-09-13
It so ok with sweet music .I left one star because at times it doesn't sound has you expect to be and sound too low.
Ntando Matabane 2020-09-13
Awesome 👍😎😎
Mary Jane Ponciano 2020-09-13
Its practice my hand and its always my favorite game
Jaundre Jansen 2020-09-13
I love the way i mast concentrade
Pat Edwards 2020-09-13
This game is good and relaxing game & the BEST toilet game ever in the universe & galaxy & world... (4.5 stars)
Rowena Refugio 2020-09-13
Piano Music Go 2020
Melisa Roman 2020-09-12
Restoring a cut and everybody can play it
OliviaAndToys Pybus 2020-09-12
Nickel and just please don't understand why you are not going to be able to make it to the army please I'm begging you to
Mobina Mobini 2020-09-12
I like it❤🍒
Sky Powell 2020-09-12
bukola adagbada 2020-09-12
Wow it is just like being in a music concert
Micah Abrahams 2020-09-12
The best game ever. I have never played a game so peaceful and relaxing this is really the best game ever 😁😁😁😍😘
shipra nath 2020-09-12
Beautiful app
Akisha Lomboy 2020-09-12
Surya Hello how are 2020-09-12
It is so good to play for time pass
orlando santos 2020-09-12
I unistalled this to get among us tysm :)
Afif Danish 2020-09-12
Melody is good
David Muyeu 2020-09-12
Relaxing ☘️ Fun 🌟 Easy 👍 Love💋 Beautiful ❤️
Nikhil Chauhan 2020-09-12
Kavitha Enkepalli 2020-09-12
It is nice
Isuf Reci 2020-09-12
Asmita Inamdar 2020-09-12
It's good game . Actually everyone can try it out
Lucas Donovan 2020-09-12
Great make more
Ale Romero 2020-09-12
Is very good 👍😊
Jeff Soucia 2020-09-12
These games are nice n sweet.
kay bojosi 2020-09-11
Lana Basem 2020-09-11
ال لعب توحفا❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💖💖💖💖💕💕
pricilia ukpai 2020-09-11
So in love
Jackson Agbo 2020-09-11
Farhaath Omar 2020-09-11
Jana Tarek 2 2020-09-11
I like it
Tatyana Gordon 2020-09-11
Only instrumentals. I wanted music.
Henry Coetzee 2020-09-11
Love app
Kaio Kincaid 2020-09-11
Nice game I recommend
Mr. KikoDZ 2020-09-10
معجبتش الجدي
Jilhana Arcelon 2020-09-10
Its so fun to play with and the songs are cool relaxing beautiful and awesome
Zack365 2003 2020-09-10
Chanelle Hudson 2020-09-10
All right so you can actuallyyou can express all your emotions into that song that you're feeling and also and give it a five star because you can have all your favorite songs and if you see that star or that heart you actually click it and then you have it on your favorites and if some of them are your favorites then yeah so I think you should get a five star as well just to be your experience and just I'm just trying to help out
Elaina Grace 2020-09-09
This game wasn't that fun. Although it does keep your hands moving
Vivek Singh XC 39 2020-09-09
Amziing guy's
kuarapati yamini 2020-09-09
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