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Piano Tiles is best piano games. Piano Tiles game - Don't Tap Bomb Tiles

Music Game of Logic 2017-05-04
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The perfect PIANO TILES, new piano music play, not step on the white pieces! Follow the music click on the color, simple operation, rich gameplay! Can compete with a small partner, so you have a perfect music beyond imagination feast! Piano Challenges 2 White Tiles Magic White Piano - Music Tiles Perfect Piano App with best music Pink Piano Tiles Blue Piano Tiles Color piano tiles Game features: - multi colour piano tiles games - multiple sound collections - Color Piano tiles have 10 levels - Piano tiles game is colourful game - awesome sound available in piano tiles. - piano tiles 2018 - black tiles - white tiles How To Play:- Tap on the black tiles while listening to music. Avoid the white ones Piano tiles have most popular 4 levels:- Classic piano tiles : In classic mode you have to tap number of tiles in minimum time period as fast as u can tap. Arcade piano tiles : In Arcade mode you have to tap on black tiles (Don't tap on remaining tiles) without missing any black tiles. Zen piano tiles : For Zen level you have to tap as fast as u can in limited time period. Bomb piano tiles : In Bomb level Don't tap on Bomb and white tiles, you have to identified bomb and forgot it without tap. pianotiles is best game in 2017 -2018 Enjoyed Piano Tiles : Piano Game with listing heartless music.

Amna Fatima Rayyan Dogar 2020-09-04
Pubg is the best 😍
Franca Dap 2020-09-04
So coooooooooooooooool OMG 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁💟💟
dada jola 2020-09-03
It is awfulk
Kayla Jefferson 2020-09-03
I like it
Mbali Nyathi 2020-09-03
Ok this is nice but it needs more songs
Cassie Riesch 2020-09-01
Thus game sucks piriod.
Kath McFarland 2020-08-31
This is a terrible game i would give it a 0 star rating if i could. The ssongs are terrible and i doubt they are even real songs they sound like a talentless person on their first day trying to make a new song.
Katherine Nasr 2020-08-31
Is nice and we can skip the Ads
Khalid Mehmood 2020-08-30
It's difficult but fun
Eric Smith 2020-08-30
Not fun
Nili Zabihi 2020-08-27
Dani Cooper 2020-08-24
i hate it
Peace Matti 2020-08-23
This game is nice to play but when your life is finish is very hard to get it back
Willow Trees 2020-08-22
Wow it is amazing woohoo has nearly all songs tjat you will love
soon Han 2020-08-21
Love me love me say that u love me full me full me say how u doing kiss me kiss me.
Semirah Baham 2020-08-20
It's a scan what kid of game asks to take your calls and asks for your contacts
Eric the Red 2020-08-18
Chevelle Bedford 2020-08-17
I hate this game it keeps glitching out on me and speeding up so I lose and the songs are not good I would not recommend this game.
Mackenzie Kinsley 2020-08-16
Ba dx
harith zaquan 2020-08-16
This us trash and your ducks whoever did this game there soo many adds AND WE DONT LIKE IT OK IDIOTS TRASH BAG STOPID
Delilah Salas 2020-08-15
It is very hard and I can't pass the first level
Zain Khaled 2020-08-15
Guestsaccount2 2020 2020-08-13
Eino Hausiku 2020-08-11
This app is amazing and i love it
ayush bhandari 2020-08-10
Very beautiful game
Bill Myre 2020-08-09
5 5 500TH 500TH 5
Lourdine Dsouza 2020-08-09
It is very boring game
anuj verma 2020-08-07
It's amazing but I don't like this because It doesn't have amazing songs so I have only gived one star
James English 2020-08-07
It's to slow
Bharati Devi 2020-08-06
Very nice game I want to thank to make this game. Thanks a lottttt
galaxy fox 2.0 2020-08-06
Too bad no -100 star anyways music cost to much ads too much starter music suck sounds like jumbled notes together i geussing the 5 star are paid or the makers since this game is way to bad
barbie plays roblox 2020-08-05
Love it
Ntha Ngobs 2020-08-04
Everytime I got to 403 the game started to freeze for like a split second. That was frustrating honestly.
Fizza Fatima 2020-08-04
This game is to amazing i love this game and this game is to intresting please download it please !!!!!!!!!!!
Janet Oommen 2020-08-02
It's basically like YouTube, but only ads.
Tennant Crawford 2020-08-01
This game is horrible its is so bad
Kaleem Mohammad 2020-08-01
Discasting game 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤨🤨🤨
Nahnie George 2020-07-31
Ben Ziehl 2020-07-30
If i coud rate you a 0 it woud and you don't have bad romance
nonhlanhla ndimande 2020-07-30
It's so easy why dont they make it 1000 tiles😂😋😏easy has a cake🍰🎂 but there's one problem the music doest go with the tiles
Jimmy Mccall 2020-07-29
Its all happy and romans i hate romans 😒and sometimes happy no Rock and DJ 😒😒😡😡
Francis Maina 2020-07-28
Ramonie Brown 2020-07-28
I rate this app this is a nice app
Sophie Clarke 2020-07-27
This game is so much fun in love it so much I would recommend this
Cousins by chance Sisters by choice 2020-07-27
Worst experience
Robert J 2020-07-26
Worst user interface. App keeps crashing. Waste of memory space.
Lilah Merrell 2020-07-25
It's a good app but it does get a bit annoying and it's something you can't play all the time and there is a lot of adds I don't recommend this.game
Hales Carter 2020-07-24
This app sucks
7233 Sowmiya M 2020-07-24
Worst game
Lisa Lacey 2020-07-23
It was bad
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