Reflexis ESS

Reflexis ESS

Business Reflexis Systems 2017-11-23
The size of Reflexis ESS on your device is 22M. The size of Reflexis ESS varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Reflexis ESS is 143309
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Reflexis ESS is 4.1.891
The version of Reflexis ESS was last updated to 2019-06-26
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Bug Fixes

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of Reflexis ESS is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
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The ESS app makes it simple to plan your work-life and get the maximum out of your available time to work. Track your upcoming shifts, clock your work hours and request time-off with the ESS app. Got a last minute change of plan or need more work? Swap shift with your teammates or request extra shifts by bidding on Open shifts. Also get instantly notified on changes to your schedule or shift request and time-off status. With ESS app, team members can: - View schedule - Clock your work hours using Geofence enabled mobile clock - Email or text your schedule to family and friends - Request time-off - Swap shifts with teammates - Bid on open shifts or request additional shifts - Track the hours worked - Update short-term or long-term availability and get shifts accordingly

William Torres 2020-09-07
Ask for de QR code always, doesn't work.
Valencia Dodard Hernandez 2020-09-07
Its drives me nuts its says update when I tried to login and it takes forever to update and I can't even go into the app to check my work schedule ridiculous i tried play store it doesn't need to update from there or I wouldn't waste my time to try to do it from the ESS app you need to fix this
stonecoldw01 2020-09-06
This y hate download update. The update make app dont work. It keep say there is verison. Its send me hole difference app.
Katie Cottingham 2020-09-05
Old and now does not function when you try to login. Honestly, this app should've been deleted it if wasn't going to be functional anymore, or better yet, just update it properly so we wouldn't have to jump through hoops just to see our work schedules!
AJ Stenaka 2020-09-05
Says to download the new version I press it and then it tell me I'm not an authorized user. Very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?
Kit Chavez 2020-09-05
Tries to take me to a new up and that won't work. I missed a shift. They only seem to respond very selectively. Awful
Angie Frank 2020-09-02
It never opens! Just keeps circling.
Miss Anissa 2020-08-19
Pulls up whenever not all the time on time
Jessica Erickson 2020-08-18
The app is great.. Sam just a heads up go into your settings in the app and have it set up where text can go to your phone number for any updates to your schedule... For the other lady there is nothing wrong with the scheduling process it's very easy just take some time YouTube it if you have to on how to use it and you will be fine.. And to the creator the download update is no good it's a dud.. Please go back and fix it to the way it was no update it necessary thanks
Natalee Sorensen 2020-08-17
Awful!! Keeps saying I need to update but the update isn't working! Need this fixed like two weeks ago!! Fixed!!!
Your newest update trashed the app. Nobody at our store can log in. On the rare occasions someone sees the login screen it prompts to update the app, even when already up to date. Even deleted and reinstalled the app. Still says our domain name isn't recognized.
Kristyn Zeller 2020-08-16
It's very slow trying to log on.
joseph parker 2020-08-16
Reflexis, keeps saying to download the new version to continue and I've downloaded ever version in the Google app store. Why is it not working.
Jennifer Lorenz 2020-08-16
Update = not working at all. Why does it say need update then when I do it goes to a different app ESS 41. Nothing works now! Mangers at the store can't even figure out what is going on. FIX THIS!! Would NOT let me rate 0 stars but should be -10000000 stars
Roman Ford 2020-08-16
Keeps directing me to another app my company doesn't use. How do I bypass the new app available screen?
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