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The version of Resume Creator - Free was last updated to 2020-04-11
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: - Espaçamento entre linhas do CV - Alterar a margens do CV - Campo e-mail não é mais obrigatório - Tópicos com caixa alta (Máscula) - Tópicos novos: referências e Informações adicionais. - Alterar sequencia dos tópicos. - Apresentação do corpo do e-mail. - Adicionar quebra de página. - Compartilhar CV pelo whatsApp. - Ajuste de Bugs.

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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We have detected that the Resume Creator - Free application contains ads.
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The Resume Creator - Free is a high efficient app developed to make the creation of professional curriculums easier in PDF format or email sending and also super skilled appearance. Using the Resume editor you can produce your resumè in a few minutes, counting on a highly impressive appearance to the employer. Simple and intuitive interface facilitates the information filling in order to to come up with the Curriculum Vitae (CV), you can also edit and have a new model anywhere, allowing you to send or print whenever you need immediate handing in or sending, more than this, it’s available in a bunch of templates and different options of fonts, styles, colours and features to improve resumè. How to fill your Curriculum It’s easy, quick and really simple, just click on the Resume builder app, fill it in with your personal and professional data, select the template and that’s it! Characteristics and Differential - Allows the creation of a great appearance - Layout and templates professionally uptodate - Available in 3 different models - Allows highlight in Italic format - Allows resumè’s saving and sending by email in PDF Format - Allows rename the PDF file as you wish - Allows to add photographs - Font colour options - Signature The Resume Maker - Free App was specially developed for creating and sending emails in a quick, easy and professional way, you may gain recognition and enlarge your chances of that dreaming job or changing jobs.

Laxmi Prajapati 2020-09-10
SteFone Burton 2020-09-06
Sanket Sute 2020-08-28
Don't try, lot's of ads are showing
holly klien 2020-08-27
U have to pay for it
KL 5 2020-08-14
Saswata Sen 2020-07-20
Ads, ads and ads. Few templates. Everytime showing ads.
sarah billings 2020-07-17
NOT FREE! Just wasted my time typing in all my info only to be asked to pay at the end!!
Sanjana Patil 2020-07-11
Fast, brief and precise
anju Dehariya 2020-07-01
michell hanley 2020-06-29
Not free, have to pay. Liessssssss!
Preston Pennington 2020-06-18
Parentheses and the. Signs and month day and year dates what would be work working properly to create
Ryan Kupstas 2020-03-24
Great easy to use app
James Polson 2020-03-23
I googled free resume builder and this app comes up. You think it's free untill you get done building your resume, then they try and change u, not a hefty fine or anything, but they try and charge you when you Google "absolutely free resume builder". That's why I give it a "1" as a rating. Thanks
dattu bobby 2020-03-10
So easy to use and very helpfull app to make resume very fast way and in a professional way...i love the app...i will suggest to all my friends to install this app...
Anamta Zehra 2020-01-20
Worst app
Julhu Czar 2020-01-08
Jedidiah Boniface 2019-08-16
nice app, very flexible.But, no space for referee. and i think that makes the resume' incomplete.please do notify me by way of an email once this is fixed,cos i will love to use it again. thanks
Michelle Owens 2019-07-29
not sure
Renee Craig 2019-07-16
App claims to be free its not. Downloading it is free. When you complete your resume then you have to pay. It should be stated upfront.
Maykon Rodrigues de Abreu 2019-07-14
Tibet Mustafa 2019-05-17
A Wicked Little App ....
Blaez Lowell 2019-05-09
Literally an ad every time you click something very annoying, I understand a few ads but not spamming them.
John Smith 2019-05-07
John B 2019-04-22
A Google user 2019-03-26
A Google user 2019-03-21
easy to use. great app
sampath meesala 2019-03-16
abhijeet morwal 2019-03-11
pathetic app. too much add and can't even use it without the video watching 3 time s. really stupid
A Google user 2019-03-10
yohanns abay 2019-03-06
nice 👍
Krishna Choudhary Rinwa 2019-02-26
Lawrence Saunders 2019-02-18
This is a very excellent and professional app.
Sheila Thorn 2019-02-14
worst app for resumes.
Brad Jones 2019-02-11
I have no issues
A Google user 2019-02-10
filled out resume and downloaded and saved it so it seems to work just fine, easy to use.
Mark Zerkle 2019-02-10
it says it's free but immediately sends you into a template where you have to pay for the resume after you get done typing in all of your s***. f*** that.
A Google user 2018-12-29
Simple to navigate and looks as I had expected, professional and thorough.
A Google user 2018-12-14
Good app...
A Google user 2018-12-14
Really good
Manish Saklani 2018-11-22
Sara Almodovar 2018-11-20
I think it great Cruz I need a resume
Joemeg Aduma 2018-09-05
Pedro Legutke 2018-08-08
David Doby 2018-07-22
Shailendra S 2018-06-12
Good app to create resume easily
Phillip Woods 2018-05-29
Its was nice and quick
A Google user 2018-05-18
Its a good improvement
Ramabgdr byndur 2018-04-21
Good for people like me who has not written or given a CV while working all these years.
Ray Wooden 2018-04-19
Great app
Thomas Schofield 2018-02-19
I had this before was great oh my God the internet really isnt safe anymore too many re directs with this app Dob???!!!! Other sensitive info phishing!!!!! Not doing it!!!!!
Justin Nhare 2018-02-18
Says it's free until it's time to email or download your resume then they hit you with a fee!! Easy to use but misleading
A Google user 2018-02-14
Superb app I love it.
Tia Rhonda 2018-02-14
Easy and simple to use
Meliza Pena 2018-01-24
Awesome and easy! Thank You!
FRK CREATION 2018-01-20
Amazing, this app is very easy to use & making our curriculum vitae in good format.
Sean El King Bey 2018-01-04
Had absolutely no problems using or ultimately generating a worthy CV with this app
A Google user 2017-12-21
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