Rock Hero

A fun rock style game will test your skills to play the guitar.

Music Guitar & Music Games 2014-07-25
The size of Rock Hero on your device is 61M. The size of Rock Hero varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Rock Hero is 64095815
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The version of Rock Hero was last updated to 2020-08-03
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Minor bug fixes

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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We have detected that the Rock Hero application contains ads.
The Rock Hero application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $4.99 per item
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Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1342, Montevideo, Uruguay

Rock Hero is the ultimate music-rhythm style game that will test your skills to play the guitar and follow the rhythm of the music. This game including 9 songs which you can play them in 3 different difficulties. Also you can choose songs from your mobile device for even more fun! Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score! Features: • 3 different music styles. • 9 incredible songs. • 3 difficult levels • Global scores! • Cool graphics and effects! • Better controls and gameplay!

Sherry Sywyk 2020-08-28
Al Diovanni 2020-08-27
I like this game because I like to rock out
Ye' Wint Soe 2020-08-26
Dr. Surendra Sharma 2020-08-26
Surendra kumar
Fardan Nahdi 2020-08-25
Ye Linn Aung 2020-08-23
Eddie Leach 2020-08-23
Needs better selection of music
TheDispleasedCow 2020-08-23
Sebastian Remnerud 2020-08-22
Mid play ads in rhythm game? Really?
Victoria Brady 2020-08-21
Lots of ads but its fun
Craig Sheehan 2020-08-21
Demonhunter X 2020-08-21
I enjoy playing rock hero ratings are bad Because they play it while data or wifi is open as it's said it's an offline game and playing without paying everything so you want to help the developers? Watch the ads if you dont want ads popping up then turn off your signal! It's 2020 how dumb are y'all? Help the developers by watching ads sometimes
po po 2020-08-20
Michelle Ann Calderon 2020-08-19
Too many ads
Clara Gonzalez 2020-08-17
Wow worst game I've ever downloaded.
Daniel Williamson 2020-08-17
great song can even use so of your own
widya chara 2020-08-17
Ads running when i playing game.
Emmanuel Chikwendu 2020-08-16
This game is horrible I would have rated it without a 🌟 this game is disappointing control is bad really bad
Mery Jasmine Tecson 2020-08-15
It's way more better to play it offline but it's fun.
Amy 2020-08-15
A really fun game
Phoenix The Radio Demon 2020-08-14
The songs were WAYYYY too hard, even on easy.
Prince Josef Orcino 2020-08-13
This Game Rocks!
Dumb Cuck 2020-08-12
FistgamingGT 2020-08-11
Stormie Mccarty 2020-08-10
Love it
Phumzile Mmoe 2020-08-09
It is a good game but it sometimes freezes
Aang dawdup Tamang 2020-08-09
Play bottom were not matching with song
Heavenlee Vest 2020-08-09
Loved it
James Turnbow 2020-08-09
Just not fun. No options to change how you position your hand to play.
hannah murr 2020-08-08
I cant open the app fully
MGMS 2020-08-08
Adds is too much, it lasts for 30 sc as must, doesn't worth it
studmuffin958 2020-08-08
Never land
karlo joseph Flores 2020-08-07
Gameplay sucks always delay on music
Wesley Graham 2020-08-07
Fun and exciting
erdenee E 2020-08-07
Afonso Duarte Pereira Fernandes 2020-08-07
This is a failed attempt at a Guitar Hero mobile port. The buttons are too close to the screen frame and their hitbox is very small. The songs in general are meh, could provide for some fun if not for the horrible button placement. The frets are almost never synchronized with the song, causing some more issues with the gameplay. Although the automatic custom chart creator is good, it becomes kind of unusable with the absurd amount of ads that appear with every action. Not recommend. Android 8.
Amar Smajic 2020-08-06
Not worth download, can't click anywhere without ads popping up. When you make too many mistakes the game asks you if you want to play an add and you chose no, add gets played. So stupid, waste of time and never gonna play this game.
Ley Grady 2020-08-04
As a gamer nerd, I absolutely love this version.
Justin Broadbent 2020-08-04
3VisionGlobal openg 2020-08-04
Jessica Guzman 2020-08-03
The Start Of The Future CrazyA 2020-08-03
Shannkyle 2016 2020-08-03
Pretty coool sizh i could use a controlled
Andrew Holmes 2020-08-02
Juri Peixoto 2020-08-02
Adorei, mas faltam músicas novas e atualizar constantemente o acervo. Já conquistei todas as músicas. Já não tem mais desafio. I love it but it need more new songs and keeping atualization. I already conquest all songs. It haven't more challenges =(
Chasity Starling 2020-08-02
Way too many ads. Every time you fail 30 second unskipable ad
Alexis Garcia 2020-08-01
This game sucks a$$
Joseph willoughby 2020-08-01
Scott Long 2020-08-01
Your game sucks big hairy donkey balls
Stage Lintz 2020-07-28
Its a really consistant paced game! I love local mode because of the ability to play to songs downloaded on my phone...
Lance Chenault 2020-07-28
Fun game nice graphics
Ridoy ahmed 2020-07-27
To many bloody ads
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