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Medical Singlecare, LLC 2016-04-20
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Prescription drug prices are on the rise. Today, lifesaving medications could cost thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford your meds, use the SingleCare app to find coupons and save up to 80%. Whether it’s insulin or an asthma inhaler, you can find a free coupon for it here. What is SingleCare? You use coupons on groceries, clothing, and home goods—why not on prescriptions? Couponing applies at the pharmacy counter too, and SingleCare makes it easy. Our accurate drug pricing tool helps you find low prices on thousands of medications. How does it work? When a doctor prescribes a medication, search for your prescription on our website or app. Then, compare discounts at pharmacies near you. After you find the local pharmacy with the best price, show the Rx discount card to the pharmacist before you pay for your prescription. You’ll receive an instant discount on the retail price of the drug. Who can use the SingleCare app? All customers at participating pharmacies in the U.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, nurse, patient, pharmacist—if you take medication, we have coupons for you. How much does SingleCare cost? SingleCare is 100% free. Whether you’re insured, underinsured, or uninsured, you qualify for a reduced rate on prescriptions with SingleCare. Unlike manufacturer rebates and patient assistance programs, there aren’t any strict eligibility requirements or limited-time offers. Where can I use my pharmacy card? SingleCare partners with more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. Simply enter your zip code on the app or website to find a participating pharmacy near you. How do I get started? To find your med, enter the drug name and your zip code to find the local pharmacy with the lowest price. To get the best deal on every refill, ask your pharmacist to compare your cost with insurance coverage (called a copay) to your discount with SingleCare. One study showed that patients paid more for their prescriptions with insurance than without insurance 25% of the time. Stop overpaying for your prescriptions by using our free Rx coupons at a local drugstore. More ways to save: 1. Ask for a prescription. In order to use our coupons, a medical professional must prescribe the medication. You can still save money on vitamins, natural health supplements, and over-the-counter medicine as long as you have a script for it! 2. Go generic. Generic meds are usually cheaper than brand names. To maximize your savings, ask your healthcare provider if a generic version of your prescription is available. 3. Buy in bulk. Fewer refills mean fewer copays. Fill a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply to save more in the long run. 4. Shop around. Search for the drug name and dosage on our app, and enter your zip code to compare prices at local pharmacies. 5. Use SingleCare Rx coupons. You can text, email, or save your Rx coupon from the app. Or simply show the app to your pharmacist at checkout to save up to 80% ASAP. 6. Reuse your coupon on every refill. Use the Drug Basket feature to save your prescription coupons for quick savings on future refills. Think of it as a virtual pillbox! 7. Sign up for free. You don’t have to create an account to use SingleCare, but if you sign up for our loyalty program, you’ll get an extra $5 on your next refill. Join the millions saving billions with SingleCare! By downloading SingleCare, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions found at

Nanci Bella 2020-09-11
SingleCare is one of my favorite health apps. I don't have a very good health insurance, so I need all the savings I can get. I can't believe SingleCare is free. Better than insurance by far! I highly recommend their prescription drug coupons. I like it more than GoodRx.
Gertrudis Roxanne 2020-09-11
All you have to do is show SingleCare discount card at your pharmacy and you get your medicine. Even if it just saves $5, it's better than nothing!
Cybil Wanids 2020-09-11
My grandmother has diabetes and takes a lot of prescription medication. I told her about SingleCare and she's saving a lot of money on her insulin refills now.
Elmbrook Taxi 2020-09-11
Saved a bunch....
Janice Gipson 2020-09-11
Great!!!! Thank you!!!!
Sarina Blair 2020-09-10
As a student, I really need to save money. I get bronchitis almost every year, and that medicine can be expensive. I looked up the best prescription discount cards and found SingleCare. I started using this app every time I go to CVS pharmacy to pick up my prescription and now I don't need to worry.
Teirtza Roxane 2020-09-10
I always compare prices on SingleCare and usually get the best rate at Walgreens pharmacy. I show my coupon when I drop off my prescription and get a discount every time.
Julia Jenna 2020-09-10
I used SingleCare coupon at Walgreens pharmacy and saved $17. This discount card is better than Goodrx and sometimes even better than my insurance.
Nick Ramirez 2020-09-09
Dont waste your time , GOODRX has much better prices.
Lynette Lana 2020-09-09
I have insurance but it doesn't cover all of my prescription medications. Whenever that happens, I look it up on SingleCare and use one of their prescription coupons at my neigborhood pharmacy. Really thankful for this card!
Allina Consuelo 2020-09-09
Prescription medications cost so much nowadays. It's really irritating but SingleCare makes me feel better. It gives you the prices on prescription medications at multiple pharmacies and you can choose the pharmacy with the best discount. I usually go to Walgreens. Plus, the prescription drug coupon
Elinor Thomasine 2020-09-09
Thanks SingleCare. This app saved me a lot of money on my wife's prescription medication. I now get all her medications with half off at CVS pharmacy. We like GoodRx too but SingleCare is much better.
D Peeps 2020-09-08
great price
Charline Flora 2020-09-08
I have to buy prescription medications for my uncle. He recommended this app. We've been saving a lot with SingleCare's prescription drug coupons.
Calla Vanni 2020-09-08
Even though I have insurance, I still use SingleCare app for a specific prescription medications because I get a better deal. I am so grateful for SingleCare rx card.
Cookie Clovis 2020-09-08
Sometimes the prescription medications I need are over-priced. This app took the my burden off me. I use it for save on all my refills. My neighborghood Walgreens pharmacy gives me a great discount.
Brooks Cary 2020-09-07
Sometimes prescription medications can be costly. I found SingleCare and from now I use their prescription drug discounts to buy my all medicine and refils
Imelda Janifer 2020-09-07
I compare prices at all the pharmacies first. Once I find the lowest price, I take my coupon to that pharmacy. Love saving with SingleCare prescription drug discounts.
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