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Music FreshPlanet 2012-03-23
The size of SongPop on your device is 80M. The size of SongPop varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of SongPop is 19999279
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of SongPop is 2.13.5
The version of SongPop was last updated to 2019-09-11
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Songpop 2 is here ! New Party mode and all playlist are now free to try ! Get it here

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of SongPop is tagged with the following characteristics: Teen
We have detected that the SongPop application contains ads.
The SongPop application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $99.99 per item
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Are you ready to rock? Music lovers agree this is one of the most addictive games ever! * 2013 Webby Award People's Voice Winner - Social Gaming (Handheld Devices) * Top Rated Social Game of 2012 - Facebook * "I will not rest until every genre has been unlocked and mastered." - Kotaku SIMPLE, FAST & FUN * Challenge your friends or play with other music fans * Hear song clips from thousands of ORIGINAL artists in over 300 genres * Guess the artist or song faster than your friends * Unlock more songs, more playlists and become a true music master! WHATEVER YOUR MUSIC STYLE, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED * Today's Hits to Classic Rock * Country to Rap and Hip-Hop * Young Pop Stars to Indie and Latin Hits * Collections for every decade: 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and more! * New music & playlists added every week to keep it fresh MORE WAYS TO ENJOY THE MUSIC YOU LOVE ON SONGPOP * See which artists are on tour near you! * Watch music videos of your favorite songs on YouTube * Share your favorite songs with your SongPop chat buddies * Easily find other players who share your song tastes

Madison Brahler 2020-08-20
Ive played since i was little and its a coo game but sometimes it annoys me
Basil Khamis 2020-08-02
Feels like a scam... Took ages to download... & when you start it, it forces you to download another app... Definitely a scam. Needs to be removed from the Play store...
Bryan Collins 2020-07-29
Don’t win parties and mastery races if you aren’t in bed with the employees. They will ban you without explanation and if you publicly call them out, they will tell you that you were banned for “harassment”.
Pam Harbottle 2020-07-22
I loved SongPop, then I was forced to update to SongPop2. The new version is terrible. The graphic feels cartoonish. There are ads after every round. The songs play after the selection has been made. Please give us a choice as to versions
Pamela Jean 2020-07-22
Would not load again yesterday....uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked. Today again will not load. I am DONE if this is not taken care of asap.
Android Emui 2020-07-19
Beth Stafford 2020-07-19
Loved this game on FB, couldn't get it to work on my phone. After I downloaded it, it said not compatible with my phone 😔
Brea Jordan 2020-07-15
I love this game absolutely ❤️💕💙😍
Antoinette Raygoza 2020-07-07
phela girl 2020-07-03
It says I have to install song pop 2 and when i do it cant instal and I have alot of storage
A Google user 2020-06-28
Couldn't even play it. It says it's not compatible with iOs 12 and I have android. Makes no sense. Undownloaded...🤬
Martha Perez-Negrete 2020-06-28
Luv this music game!
Inbar Peled 2020-06-27
It used to be an amazing app! It's a shame that today songpop2 isn't like songpop1.
Miss B Pfannenstiel 2020-06-26
Love this app
Madison Rogers 2020-06-21
I like to play this because it has songs that you can guess
Mark Wolfe 2020-06-18
If it's not compatible, then why offer it? Just get rid of it on here
Bobby Seymour 2020-06-18
Monica Barlow 2020-06-17
Love it
Brittani Stevens 2020-06-17
Well I just downloaded it and I cant wait to see how this game is it looks very awesome❤
Dawn Rae 2020-06-11
I think it is awsome
Fazeelah Chawiwa 2020-06-09
Wow l like it
Karena Ali 2020-06-04
It wouldn't let me Install the app
The Jones Sisters 2020-05-25
I love it 😍 the songs are reallu clear and it is just amazing and lit 🔥
Mel Rocca 2020-05-24
Unable to download update "compatibility issue" will not install song pop 2! Says its not compatible with IOS but I've got android... 🤷‍♀️ Playing with Google assistant instead.. Crappy app, why release it when you can't play it.
Laura Brown 2020-05-20
Used to love this and now it won't download. Song pop 2 isn't as good at all
Sunni Klowd 2020-05-19
Repeats songs way too much and hard to build up your library!
JD Splash 2020-05-19
Songpop 2 is horrible, laggy, buggy, the GUI sucks and its designed to sell the songs. Songpop 1 was great and Ive been playing it for years. I don't even have apple so the generic IOS version incompatibility message is a lie and my phone hasnt had a system update in months since before songpop was working fine. Absolutely trash that youd end support of songpop1 and blame it on the OS instead of rolling out an update & supporting it. Also add option in sp2 to change everything back to classic
Stacey Ferguson 2020-05-19
Love it
Google Assistant 2020-05-18
Can't install it bruh
Tiffanie Clark 2020-05-17
Debbie Pugliano 2020-05-17
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