Spy Hunter

80's vertical scrolling action/driving game.

Arcade ADJ Technologies 2018-10-08
The size of Spy Hunter on your device is 5.6M. The size of Spy Hunter varies depending on the device and its version
According to forappslovers.com the number of downloads of Spy Hunter is 26979
From the team at forappslovers.com that is included in the brand forworldlovers.com we can assure that the current version of Spy Hunter is 1.2
The version of Spy Hunter was last updated to 2018-10-14
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: New icons for Android Oreo.

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 6.0 and up to run the application correctly
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80's vertical scrolling action/driving game.

Scotty Parker 2020-09-10
Controls are trash 🗑. The game is there and looks legit but there is no reasonable way to actually play it with the controls set the way they are here.
Karim Staine 2020-09-07
I downloaded for 5 min. The controls are absolutely horrible!!! Sound and graphics are on point.
zubin sapurji 2020-08-16
Just as I remember it
Matthew Spencer 2020-06-29
Played it when i was a kid 50 yrs ago
IcarusLSC 2020-06-28
Too hard to control. No music.
Frank Boehm 2020-05-12
Outdated graphics, Clunky controls and Shitsuckin Gameplay. This game is a horrible mobile port from the 80's. I rather stick to the arcade classic or play Spy Hunter on The PS2.
EJ Scholar 2020-05-01
Deleted...can only use 1 weapon, won't let you switch back and forth. Steering is poor. Not recommended.
Michael Gauthier 2020-04-28
In the arcade it was fun here its missing things that make the game fun...
Dmitry Dolgikh 2020-04-12
Not payable. Sad...
Daniel Miller 2020-04-08
Pretty close to NES
alexander gjuricic 2020-03-17
Piece of junk. The controls are useless, the game always crashes. Was this game created by 10 year gold's.
Adam Sweeney 2020-03-14
Reviews are legit ..controls suck.
OgBobbyLocDogg 2020-02-26
You know the entire magic about this game back in 1980 whatever the phuc was the music! I mean I couldn't wait to get a quarter to play this at the corner store. Early 80's man. Just saying, try to get the license.
Jessy Michaud 2020-01-15
No good cant pkay the game.
Aj Conover 2019-12-14
Loved every minute of the game!
Tracey Jennings 2019-12-09
Soooo many memories. Awesome game. waayyyy ahead of it's time during IT'Spy Hunte of Terror
Rick Bovee 2019-11-29
Great old school game.
MarQ Litty 2019-11-24
Michael Gonzalez 2019-11-20
Hated the music. Not even close to the original
Tony Cole 2019-11-13
Used to play it as a kid, bud unusable on cell TV phone
Son of Yahawadah 2019-11-12
Not so good without the real joystick
Joe Endris 2019-11-03
Very crunchy controls. Impossible to drive
Josh Clark 2019-10-25
Excellent copy of the arcade, this was my favorite arcade in the 80s! No I'm not that old, born in 75 so I grew up during the arcade game era and soy hunter was one of my favorite quarter eaters! Excellent excellent excellent! Yes the controls are tight but what do you expect from an arcade game retro redone to Android?! I have a pixel 3 XL so it's physically big but even so, it's still tough to use but IDC, great game still!
Nico Uvi 2019-10-23
Horrible! Hard to control, hard to see which are the bad guy vehicles, as opposed to the good ones. Bad experience. Immediately removed from my device.
Tom Petty 2019-10-21
Omg, classic game brought back perfectly....but the controls are impossible!
jason warekois 2019-10-13
Redo control
Allen Elya III 2019-08-25
Controls are terrible
Katie Brown 2019-08-09
crappy simulator of the real game
Cliff H 2019-07-15
Horrible. Hard to control and game constantly minimizes at the worse times.
John Smith 2019-07-14
controls are very bad
William F. Buckley Jr 2019-07-03
Waaaay too fast to control. Don't waste your time.
BASE 2019-06-23
controls are too hard to operate. makes it unplayable. lame because i was looking forward to a great classic remake.
Mario D 2019-06-04
fun just like arcade version. except a little fast.
A Google user 2019-06-02
Wow, what a trip back in time with classic bad graphics lol Love it!
Feilen Boy 2019-05-18
good game but can u make it horizontile
Jason Wollerton 2019-05-17
Controls need work. Dynamic D pad needs a sensitivity adjustment for different size screens.
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