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Business Stripe, Inc. 2018-03-22
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Run your business from your pocket. With the Stripe dashboard mobile app, you can securely log in to your Stripe account and manage your payments on the go. Keep track of your business • View your earnings, customers, payments, balances and payouts • Compare current business performance to historical data • Switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of your data Easily take action • Issue full or partial refunds • Search your data for customers, transactions, and more Get notifications • Subscribe to daily summaries that let you wake up to the latest updates from your business • Customize your notifications with the option to be notified for new payments and customers

lewis hammond 2020-08-25
Scam, don't use them. When you sign up for Invoice2go you get pulled into signing up with Stripe. What they don't tell you is that it takes 7-14 days to get your 1st payment. So I'm a business I'm giving you my business and you make me wait that amount of time. They also add transaction fees and VAT. It is totally missold. I have reported them to the FCA as all the reviews say exactly the same thing. I also told Trust Pilot to investigate them.
Chris Barrow 2020-08-25
great app, displays and payments are smooth
Sam Gari 2020-08-25
DO NOT USE THIS APP After realising just how much of a percentage Stripe takes from my hard-earned money, I decided to delete it. The person deleting my subscription failed to inform me that I had funds held with them, and only told me once I had cancelled. What ensued has been a long goose chase of me trying to get my money back. The team is unhelpful, and keeps making me jump through hoops to get back what is mine. Find another app because Stripe is extremely unethical.
Dustin Sutton 2020-08-25
Not anything to get exited about. even after a year deposits are still on hold for multiple days despite never having an issue with a payment . They do provide credit card services so I use them for about the 1% of business that actually requires it.
Prestige Training 2020-08-24
No (clear) option to take payment on app. Useless for business on the move!
Tim Glass 2020-08-24
This app sucks. It is impossible to contact this company. They have cost me thousands in lost business because of the difficulty i have experienced trying to get support. I need a live agent on the phone. Please.
Steven Verrier 2020-08-23
You charge to handle transactions and then keep funds way to long, before passing it on to customers.
Nelvin Nsude 2020-08-23
great app
Nick Faulk 2020-08-21
This app gets you to start a service and you pay them. Then holds your money for 7 days. What new business is going to allow that. They got me they never once said that. Now I'm stuck with 105 dollars being processed for 7 days that was supposed to be used immediately for parts. They have no number to call for service help. They say they will call it took me a entire day to get some one on the phone and then asked for a manager which I'm still waiting for a call back from. That was a hour ago.
Wayne Beckett 2020-08-21
Unfortunately gives a lot less info than the desktop version. Worse than the .... Dare I say... Paypal android app. Just says the payment and value. Renders it almost useless.
Sureshot Coaching 2020-08-20
Garbage. Don't waste your time with this scam app. They take way more than they are Worth. Just go elsewhere. You're welcome.
John Harvey 2020-08-20
Very limited functionality. No way can you use the app instead of the computer app. Can't transfer funds to my debit card.
Cyber Help India 2020-08-19
well organized, smooth features.
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