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a n 2020-08-10
Best website
Brenda Patterson 2020-08-10
No thanks
Nadzim Khir Nadzmi 2020-08-09
Easy to use apps.
Bhavesh Jadav 2020-08-09
Himanshu Negi 2020-08-09
Pathetic service
Sky Walker 2020-08-09
Vry nice apps is tis 💯👍👆😎
Manuel Ramierez 2020-08-09
Exceptional very self explanatory an simply the easiest by far..
pepe perez 2020-08-08
Easy to find hotels reservations
Muazam Sehat 2020-08-07
The best app
Mohamed Abd Elmonsef 2020-08-07
excellent App
Kishan Dewangan 2020-08-07
Worst application
Fa Ra 2020-08-07
Isuru Dananjaya 2020-08-06
Great app. Very useful
Hardy Bousquet 2020-08-06
BUYER BEWARE. Filters do not work or are not accurate. Used "pet friendly" filter and booked, only to find out there property was NOT pet friendly and my booking was non refundable. Afterwards, I looked at multiple listings under pet friendly filter and ALL of the first 3 listed explicitly do not allow pets. DO NOT USE.
Arju Deep 2020-08-06
Not user friendly.
Rishabh Pandey 2020-08-06
Good experience with trivago Helps a lot
Neelesh kumar 2020-08-05
Impresive app !!
Naina Mohamed 2020-08-05
Bushra Sadiq 2020-08-05
This app is so helpful for me... And give me ideas according to my budget 💡
Elsadig Abdalla Ahmed Dello 2020-08-05
Excellent 👍
Loggem Loggem 2020-08-05
Add dark mode... Thanks
DR4 GAMER 2020-08-05
Awesome 😊
Ahmad Nor Alifa A Razap 2020-08-05
Kacee Christian 2020-08-05
I am sure it would be great if it actually worked. Unable to find dog friendly anything on this app even when you change the filters still does not work so not real sure why they even have filters. Going back to Kayak app. Of course all these companies are all owned by Expedia so not sure why some apps are better than others.
Justin Russell 2020-08-05
Great app!
Ah Chuan Siew 2020-08-04
I cannot play why
Dina Gaber 2020-08-04
Holly Denning 2020-08-04
So far my experience has been wonderful. I was using Expedia and everytime i managed to drudge through the process of creating account, logging in and then completing the process of the initial choice of days booked, i felt like i had pushed thru, in mud up to my knees with tree roots hindering my movement to be met at the bank of the mud pool by a bad of theives. That is what Expedia fwlt like, compared to that experience, Trivago was an absolute pleasure at every turn. Thank you TRIVAGO!!!
George Warren 2020-08-04
Great app
Jafrey Mohd Noor 2020-08-04
Very good
Yusuf Fadhil 2020-08-04
Very helpful
Seazy XYZ 2020-08-04
I love it
Nieky Brown 2020-08-03
Great app
widi anta 2020-08-03
Thalha Sattar 2020-08-03
Sometimes it is hard to find a hotel
Vijaya 1987 2020-08-03
Very good experience
Michael Wright 2020-08-03
Really good for checking out prices.
Dani McDowall 2020-08-02
Always great prices 😘😘👌
Aien Lufea 2020-08-02
So far so good
Nandipha Kunene 2020-08-02
It's super amazing and it makes bookings easier than ever before.
Romany Naser 2020-08-01
Aya Ashraf 2020-08-01
Sourav Chakraborty 2020-08-01
Copy cat of OYO OYO delivers most beautiful service Don't ho for trivago go for OYO
Borhan Saad 2020-08-01
Good apps easy to compare price and also provide suggestions based on patrons review
Amirul Joe23 2020-08-01
Precious Mhambi 2020-07-31
works effectively , thank you .
hamran mohamad 2020-07-31
very good app
Zulfadhli Ibrahim 2020-07-31
Great tools for comparing the prices
Dikeledi Siphuma 2020-07-30
I've found trivago to be the best it has variety of hotels to choose from even and affordable ones
Jovo Markovic 2020-07-30
Satyadev Singh 2020-07-30
Sharmila Chakraborty 2020-07-30
Kiply Patrick 2020-07-30
Brian Weiss 2020-07-29
Very informative but we need some covid specials not everyone right now has it 100%. I'm having hard time reserving a room with some of the requirements.
Eng.Mohammed khabour 2020-07-29
nurul safynas 2020-07-29
nice and easy
Rafat Shiref Elimam 2020-07-28
It is very nice application to search the best rate to book your favorite hotel and to get a good room.
Bittu Ahir 2020-07-28
Nic e
Wan Yusof 2020-07-27
Can't work at all.. Reinstall many times but still cant work
serag gomaa 2020-07-27
Talia Rodriguez 2020-07-27
Great results to compare sites!!
Sapphire Major 2020-07-26
Yea cool
Punith Sammeta 2020-07-26
Uncle Hanz 2020-07-25
Nice apps
sk sahid 2020-07-25
Anak Perantau 2020-07-25
Really helping me during my search for hotels
Sujashine Sujashine 2020-07-25
I like this app
FARID SOININ 2020-07-25
Good 😃
Constantinos Spiridopoulos 2020-07-25
It does as described, helps you find places to stay and compare prices over numerous options. Never encountered a bug till today but I'm not actively using it to be sure.
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