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With over five thousand quality channel titles and new episodes of your favorite cable shows like Counting On, OutDaughtered, Dr. Pimple Popper, Sister Wives, and 90 Day Fiance added daily, the TLC GO app is the answer to all your binge desires. Open the app for entertainment anytime, anywhere. Watch and immerse yourself in the lives and stories of others, like those on OutDaughtered and Dr. Pimple Popper, and stay up to date with your favorite cast. With TLC GO, you can stream as if you’re watching live cable television or watch full episodes of both recent and no longer airing quality shows from the TLC channel on demand. No matter if you’re home or on-the-go, TLC GO is the best entertainment and way to stream all the shows you can’t live without. Download TLC GO to stream live cable TV episodes, enjoy recent and fully stacked library seasons on demand and get early access to select premieres! Enjoy TLC GO’s breadth of content From watching as couples search for true love in 90 Day Fiance, to stressing as Buddy finishes icing a four-story cake in Cake Boss, TLC GO’s depth of content has something for everyone. Not only do you have a selection of over five thousand titles from the TLC network, but you can access both recent shows like Dr. Pimple Popper or Trading Spaces, as well as a no longer airing show or season. Need to find out what dermatological case was covered on the last episode of Dr. Pimple Popper? Dying to watch the latest episode of OutDaughtered? Watch all your favorite original content on TLC GO and never have a dull moment. Binge your favorite television show your way Not in PJs in front of your TV with popcorn in hand? No worries. With the TLC GO app, you can stream live cable TV or watch full seasons of TLC channel shows on demand anywhere, anytime. Fall in love with the couples on 90 Day Fiance, and see how neighbors decorate rooms in each other’s homes in Trading Spaces. Pinched for time and need to stop watching Who Do You Think You Are in the middle, Seeking Sister Wife or Breaking Amish? The TLC GO app will save your spot so you can do what you need to do and pick up where you left off. You can also save your favorite shows and episodes to your watch list to watch later on your schedule. Looking for something new to obsess over? Browse and search quality shows and episodes by genre to find exactly what you’re looking for. Access select television premieres TLC GO is about more than watching all your favorite shows like Sister Wives, 90 Day Fiance, Trading Spaces, and Breaking Amish. It’s more than just loving the cast from TLC’s network. It’s about following them, watching their journey and joining for the ride! We all share an affinity to the cast members on shows like My 600-lb Life, Sister Wives, Trading Spaces, and Breaking Amish. We are invested in their stories. So make sure to always be first to view the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance or Seeking Sister Wife with early access to select network premieres, and know what went down before any of your friends! A world of TLC content is waiting for you on the TLC GO app. Whether it’s 90 Day Fiance, Sister Wives, Cake Boss, My 600-lb Life, Seeking Sister Wife or any other original show or season, binge it all on TLC GO for the best entertainment anytime, anywhere. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

Elizabeth Blakey 2020-09-14
Why can't you just go to the app and start watching it why do you gotta go to your dam cable provider
Jessica Aguilar 2020-09-14
Love catching up on missed episodes.
Jessica Wiley 2020-09-14
Dennis Doneburgh 2020-09-14
Machine Domanda 2020-09-13
I enjoy it I love how it got easy access to shows you want wish it had all episodes more on the app
ariana Devey 2020-09-13
Linda Crandall 2020-09-13
We can not get a picture at all! On 1 tablet, we got picture for a min. Then no picture, but sounded ok. this on the other tablet! btw, the tablet's are Samsung Galaxy, the other one is a brand new Lenova. Both 10.5" isn't there anyway it will work,... ever? 🙄
Joanne Heckelman 2020-09-12
Love the app
kobo 2020-09-11
Takes a long time to download and too many adds. breaks down sometimes. Please fix this app
Juanita Alegria 2020-09-11
I like be it if I miss a show I can watch it on the app
Marcos Hairston 2020-09-10
I would have given it 5 stars but the ads are too much there are like 4 or 5 ads in one break that is ridiculous. But besides that I like how I can catch up on 90 Day Fiance and it's spinoff's in an app.
Sid A 2020-09-10
I have so many issues when I'm trying to stream to my chromecast. The app freezes its hard to go back to the show when I have to stop casting. It doesnt record where I last left off. I had removed it before and I swear I am about to remove it again.
McKenzie Smith vlog 2020-09-10
Love watching my favorite show
Terra Naylor 2020-09-10
Im AGAIN locked out of everything, im a spectrum customer and this app seems to never want to work
Lillian Carr 2020-09-10
Loving it
Sherry Prime 2020-09-10
Luv it
Lou Carter 2020-09-10
Loving my TLC Go!
B R 2020-09-09
App now says I'm unauthorized to watch anything. Says I'm not subscribed to the channel but I am. Worked yesterday. Smh.
Gina Hastings 2020-09-09
Liz Bischel 2020-09-09
Its already annoying watching 3 minutes of commercials every 5 minutes... but the fact that it freezes after every commercial and I have to back out of the episode and scroll to the episode that I was on really gets old! Please fix issue! I am watching it on my smart tv.
Kathryn Mcginnis 2020-09-09
Touch my heart
Crissie Smith 2020-09-08
Great shows
Heather Higdon 2020-09-08
Love it, can watch my shows on my time
Ashley White 2020-09-08
One of my favorite apps
Sheri K Gwatney 2020-09-08
Best app around, easy to use great pic
Virginia Brown 2020-09-08
Love the variety
Autumn Becirovic 2020-09-08
why cant i watch episodes on my hp laptop the tlc go app is downloaded and everything ?!?! what do i do ???!!!
C M 2020-09-08
Cindy Beitler 2020-09-07
I was sitting here watching my Monday shows & as usual our Dish goes out because its raining. I thought Oh, i can just watch them on my app. NOPE!! It says i cant use it because the TLC cannel is part of my cable package!!!! WTHeck!! Why else would i download the app if i didnt want to use it. Somebody needs to rethink this.Grrrr.... 😡😠😡😠
Lisa Harris 2020-09-07
Ann Ball 2020-09-07
Great app. Love to watch all the 90 day fiance shows on the go!
Lori Lo 2020-09-07
This app is amazing
Ashley Fugel 2020-09-07
Justin Mcinnis 2020-09-06
Good like make the ads a little shorter
Dawn Abraham 2020-09-06
Love it!
WandaPanda Jones 2020-09-06
VeryVery Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very good 😁
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