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The version of Zee News - Latest India News, Hindi News Live TV was last updated to 2020-07-23
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ZEE News App brings to you the latest news headlines, breaking news, top stories from India and around the world in nine different languages – English, Hindi, Marathi (24 Taas), Bengali (24 Ghanta), Tamil (தமிழ் செய்தி), Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada. Keep track of latest and trending news stories on your mobile phone - anytime, anywhere, on the go. Zee News is the mother brand of India’s largest News Network ZMCL, bringing to viewers all the major national and international events. Besides breaking news and keeping audiences ahead, the channel also provides in-depth coverage of Business, Technology (तकनीक) Politics (राजनीति) Entertainment (বলিউড) Sports such as Cricket and much more. The App will be abuzz with Trending News, Viral Videos and Photos, Lifestyle and Health tips (हेल्थ मंत्रा) as well as gossip from Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional cinema (சினிமா) and celebrity masala. Live news coverage of major events and opinions from some of the best news writers and columnists will be part of the platter. Also on offer are views and reviews on topics that you can use in your everyday life, especially related with gadgets, automobiles, education and career. Fast and accurate updates on the ZEE News App will ensure that you find the latest news headlines on your finger tips in different languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, 24 Ghanta (Bengali news), 24 Taas (Marathi news), Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati and Malayalam. The app is built especially for android and ios devices. Get extensive News Coverage on * Big Breaking News developments, News from India, States, Top Cities and latest political issues * Live coverage from News, Sports, Technology, Entertainment (বিনোদন) events. * Business (कारोबार) news, latest updates from Economy, Market and Industry. * Science (ज्ञान-विज्ञान) and Technology news, Gadget and Smartphone Reviews, Apps and Social media news. * Sports news, features, photos and match scores for – Cricket (ক্রিকেট), Football, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, F1 and Motor Sports.  * Get engaging and entertaining news stories, gossip and scoops from the world of Showbiz - Bollywood, Hollywood (হলিউড,), TV Soaps and Art (कल्लाबाजी) and Theatre space (सिनेमा).  * International News (विश्व - आंतरराष्ट्रीय बातम्या), viral and trending stories from around the world. * Informative stories and features to improve your Lifestyle – Health (सेहत), Wellness, Fitness, Food and Recipes, Travel and much more. Zee News App Features * Live TV: Never miss a news update. Watch Zee news- anytime, anywhere  * Choose Language: Choose language of your preference or conveniently switch to another preferred language out of English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali ,Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada. * Customize home screen: Select sections of your interest to appear on your home screen. You can even order them according to your preference. * Next Story: Read next story conveniently by just swiping left. * Share News: Share articles, photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS text messages. * Manage Notifications: Select the categories you want to receive notifications from * Mark Favorite: You can bookmark articles, videos and photos so that you can come back to them later * Offline Reading: Not to worry when you don’t have internet access. Use this feature to read news even when you are offline. * Videos: Browse through selection of most informative and entertaining Video clips * Photos: Photo Galleries and Slideshows of latest news, entertainment, sports, business and lifestyle genre. Download the Zee News App on your mobile device to easily access latest news, features, photos, videos from India and across the world. For more info visit our Website : http://zeenews.com and follow us on : * Twitter - @ZeeNews on Twitter * Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZeeNews

Rajesh gamer 2020-08-17
Ye bahut bekar app hai koi is install mat karna
Amit Kumar 2020-08-16
Worst channel
Anish Thakur 2020-08-16
Really Great to go through the process of reading.
himanshu dhawan 2020-08-16
Great app
Debdulal Mondal 2020-08-16
Very Nice
gopal gupta 2020-08-16
Super news sudhir chhaudari
Swaminarayan Ashram Rishikesh 2020-08-16
Very nice and good service
Sandeep Tyagi 2020-08-16
Shreyash Talwar Chinnu 2020-08-16
It's a true national news channel . Salute to the zee team , Sudhir Chaudhary .
Jitendra Pandey 2020-08-16
All in one news channel
Indu Bhushan Jha 2020-08-16
I use to get information through this app.
Avinash Singh Rajput 2020-08-16
I like this aap because ye sahi news ko hindi me de deta hai aur 10 minute me sabhi news padh sakte ho
Prerna manshi sahay 2020-08-16
Nice app
Krishna Pandit 2020-08-16
DNA program is bast nad true
Mihir Shah 2020-08-16
Some times live tv is not coming,it takes much time to load
Shantanu Kumar 2020-08-16
One of the best Chanel
Gopal Bhadur 2020-08-16
Best ...no.1 news channel
Alok Tomar 2020-08-16
Anil Kumar 2020-08-16
is news app me words copy paste nahi hota hai. jiska hona aavashyak hai. Indian app hai isiliye 5⭐
Manu Music Bhojpuri 2020-08-16
Great news channel
Nandkishor R Balotiya 2020-08-15
I Love This App. Very good Features In This App.😇😇
SANJAY MANN 2020-08-15
Pradip Haldar 2020-08-15
Good news channel
Gobind Ojha 2020-08-15
Very updated news we found here.
Pradip Sabat 2020-08-15
Dare full & appropriate reporting 👍👍
Mintu Das 2020-08-15
Rajiv Naik 2020-08-15
Excellent News App
Shailendra Singh 2020-08-15
Excelent news
Nc a 2020-08-15
Nice app
Ajit Tiwari 2020-08-15
The app does not have any option of controlling video auto plays. As you open a news the video in that news starts and continues to play on its own and the customer have no choice of controlling this autoplay and that results in data loss and disturbance. I have been complaining for this for a long time but still no one takes care of this.
RAHUL KUMAR 2020-08-15
Zee News is a very good news plate form. Hopefully if there is any problem with me, this Zee News channel will support me
Pappu Das 2020-08-15
Best news app
Bhupendra Singh 2020-08-15
I love zee news As I am a nationalist
Laxman Gautam 2020-08-15
Exilent good
Raju Sharma 2020-08-15
Bindash true new
Nagesh Pawar 2020-08-15
My favorite channel
Bablu Gupta 2020-08-15
ishwar prasad 2020-08-15
Excellent news Channel
Namdev Maharaj 2020-08-15
Super news
shyama SINGHIA 2020-08-15
Vijay Rai 2020-08-15
Nice app for updating your self.
soumy tripathi 2020-08-15
Neelkamal Pandey 2020-08-15
Very good app.
Udayveer Chaudhary 2020-08-15
Best News Channel
Rahul Kumar 2020-08-14
राष्ट्र हित के बारे में सोचने वाले,किसी भी भ्रांति को नही फैलाने वाले,सधे हुए और सुधीर चौधरी जी तो कमाल के है।
AD channel 2020-08-14
Good News
I am big fan of Zee News. Zee News needs to change interface and behaviour of their App. Sorry to say but they needs to learn this from NDTV App.
Sujit Nag2 2020-08-14
bharosa singh 2020-08-14
SOMNATH DAS 2020-08-14
Very Good
Mahendra Singh 2020-08-14
Excellent app. Getting myself updated immediately
akshay bhavanikumar kulkarni 2020-08-14
Very resourceful and convenient to browse.
Ramkishan Dhiman 2020-08-14
Pandi Selvi 2020-08-14
Narsingh Acharya 2020-08-14
Excellent coverage of current topics. DNA of Sri Sudhir Choudhary is marvellous.👍🙏
Harpreet Singh 2020-08-14
I love this app
mukesh patel 2020-08-14
Poonam chand Saini 2020-08-14
I and my family like zee news
vivek kumar tiwari 2020-08-14
बीच बीच में ऐड नहीं। होना चाहिए और सबसे नीचे भी बेफालतू का ऐड डाल देते हो
Aslam Pasha 2020-08-14
Hindustan sabse fek channel Hai yah Dange Aatank Dangi bhashan dene wala channel Hai yah hai yah
KUNAL THAKUR 2020-08-14
Mahesh Raj 2020-08-14
I love this app
Bivash Kumar 2020-08-14
Good and good news thanks
Anil Kumar 2020-08-14
Real news
Mukta Singh 2020-08-14
Gud app
Vijay Shankar Sahu 2020-08-14
Aparesh Mondal 2020-08-14
Lot of thanks to zee news for gives us great news.. 🙏🙏🙏
LIVE STUDY 2020-08-14
Good and very good
Awanish Rai 2020-08-14
shivraj singh 2020-08-14
Relevant and deshhit news. I like DNA very much.
antima panwar 2020-08-13
Best channel for propegenda news,shouting ,preplanned public mindset changing news.
vinay singh 2020-08-13
राष्ट्रवादी विचारधारा।
vinod singh rajput 2020-08-13
Prem Shankar Tiwari 2020-08-13
Best app give all important news
Aditya Golas 2020-08-13
I love Zee news.
Dipti Koul 2020-08-13
Up-to-date & Authentic News Always. Loved it.
White Wolf 2020-08-13
Excellent source of news and great app, still room for improvements.
Adarsh Mishra2020 2020-08-13
Hmmm nice ...give a short n easy understandable news as per different sections.Loving it
Sarvesh Singh 2020-08-13
turemella gautam 2020-08-13
Good coverage of International/National/ Regional news to be also given importance Include Latest Health Tips Overall very informative news coverage
Vikash Overoy 2020-08-13
Nice this app application
Mr Raj Satta 2 2020-08-13
100% sure
हर इच्छा नारायण की 2020-08-12
Good news channal india ki soch india ki growth
pravin mali 2020-08-12
True fast & latest news
Hemant Somani 2020-08-12
टी व्ही पर आ रहे DNA में विज्ञापनों की संख्या को कम किया जाना चाहिए ताकि न्यूज़ पूर्ण रूप से देखी जा सके
Sachchida Nand Dwivedi 2020-08-12
Resolve your blinking black screen bug.
sanjay kumar 2020-08-12
Very knowledgeable and helpful
Amit kr 2020-08-12
Like this news channel
Kameshwar singh Kameshwar singh 2020-08-12
Kameshwar pd singh
Shrikrishna Joshi 2020-08-12
Good 👍
JAYADEV PATRA 2020-08-12
I like zee news
Subhas Mayra 2020-08-12
With out pue its verry good
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