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To fully immerse yourself in an exciting gaming experience it will not be enough to rely on ultra-expensive PC monitors, with extraordinary resolutions and frequencies!

In fact you will need a couple of gaming headphones of good quality that allow you to become one with the character you are playing in videogames. The acoustic involvement, in a session of Gaming, is equally important to the damn realistic graphic details of video games.

Just think that, with good ones gaming headphones, preferably with Dolby Surround, you will be able to sense the direction from which the enemies are coming even without having to turn around with an incredible sensory involvement!

Inevitably, however, the world of audio peripherals we are talking about is extremely competitive and there are an infinity of different products.

If you feel confused, I understand you, but don't be afraid!

The is here for you, ready to clarify all your doubts about it!

So you are ready to find out what the best gaming headphones currently on the market?

First, however, let's take a step back and analyze in more detail what are the characteristics that can enrich this particular type of peripherals and let's find out together how to choose gaming headphones.

How to choose a gaming headset?

As we have already anticipated before moving on to the Buying Guide real, you have to keep an eye on what are the technical specifications that differentiate this type of items in order to understand which is the most suitable for us.

The "headphones" speech has never been easy.

In fact, these are gaming peripherals which, in line with what happens with the gaming mouse and gaming keyboard we have already talked about, in which habit, inclination and personal preferences as well as even ear conformation and other various minutiae make the difference. .

In other words, it is impossible to establish precisely what the best gaming headphones since acoustic perceptions and comfort are very subjective and therefore change from individual to individual.

We will endeavor to present the most interesting to you well-made headphones by increasing price range.

As easily understood, the higher the price, the higher the constructive and auditory quality.

But first let's clarify some of the aspects that characterize these devices! Let's get started right away!

Compatibility between PC and console (Xbox and PS4)

First of all, before making a purchase, you need to check the backward compatibility between the various devices on which you are going to use the gaming headphones.

In fact, these days even the console headphones are progressively gaining ground in the market.

In fact, they exist PS4 headsetheadphones for XboxPC headphones, and it is not certain that they are interchangeable between the various systems to which you will connect them.

Sometimes there is a need to even use adapters.

Therefore our advice is first of all to check the compatibility on the packaging of the gaming headphones.

Sound quality and technical specifications

Unfortunately these features are more underestimated and forgotten by users who almost always buy the gaming headphones which he likes best.

However, inevitably the sound quality is what makes the difference between a couple of cheap headphones and a couple of high-end gaming headphones.

Beyond the personal perception of sound, there are some basic characteristics to take into consideration, and for this reason we report them briefly below:

  • Frequency response: is the range within which the external device reproduces sounds. The higher it is, the more faithful the acoustic reproduction will be. The human ear perceives sounds from 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz (below these parameters they are called infrasound and ultrasound). A good couple of gaming headphones it must cover this portion and be around the maximum limit.
  • Accuracy or acoustic sensitivity: indicates the dB value of maximum volume reachable from the device without distorting the sound.
  • Pendenza: finally this last value, measurable in Ohm, establishes the sound quality. However, as it increases, the maximum achievable volume will gradually decrease. And how to solve this problem? Just use a degree of pendenza similar between the source device (PC or console) and the headphones.
  • Driver: are the transducers that convert the electrical signal into sound waves. The larger their size, the better the yield. However, at the expense of the weight of the headphones.

We have briefly seen what information is shown on the boxes of these products.

We remind you to keep them in mind and always check them out when you are buying a pair of gaming headphones.

Let's now move on to the study of other fundamental variables to keep an eye on!

Metodo di input/output

It is good to remember, although by now most of the headphones are moving towards the entrances USB, that there may be two currently widespread standards: the previous one already mentioned and the classic one jack from 3,5 mm.

The difference basically lies in the fact that if you use a jack from 3,5 mm you will not be able to separate the PC audio (for example video games) from the communication audio (if you use any program such as Discord, teamspeak etc.).

Le gaming cuff with USB cable typically have an integrated sound card, unlike those equipped with audio jack which rely instead on the card present in the PC.


  gaming headphones who respect themselves today possess a microphone.

Playing on the PC has become even more than before an operation that is never done alone (otherwise what good would it be?).

Therefore it is good that the gaming headphones also possess a good microphone to ensure clear and clear communication.

Many Youtubers for example prefer to buy external microphones (to have a higher quality) but when this is not possible you need to buy a peripheral with a decent microphone.

Typically i best gaming headset microphones possess the technology of noise canceling (noise cancellation). It cleans the audio from the usual annoying noise and background whistling.

Others only work when they detect voice or have appropriate echo cancellation technologies.

microphones generally differ between unidirectionalomnidirectional, which capture sound differently depending on where it comes from.

Again there are small technical specifications for microphones such as: frequency responsesensibilitysound pressure.

This information may not be of interest to most users and it is for this reason that we move on to the next topic!

Wired or wireless gaming headphones?

Well there seems to be little to say about this. The user usually gets an idea of ​​how the headphones during the game sessions for his personal experience.

Therefore we will not be the ones to advise you which of the two alternatives is the best. So let's see the pros and cons.

Typically i Cavi they are annoying and create a hindrance. Yet one gaming headset with cable it is more performing in the long term.

It must in fact be taken into account that the wireless gaming headphones they have some autonomy beyond which they must be reloaded.

Some of them can be used with both cable that in mode wireless (to continue using them while charging).

Then evaluate autonomycharging times and above all read some reviews about the product you are interested in if it is not part of this guide.

Not all of them cuffie da gaming wirelss they are reliable!

It is preferable to avoid buying bluetooth headphones for convenience and performance (signal reception and transmission problems).

Stereo headphones or Dolby Surround 7.1?

Le gaming headphones economic generally possess a stereo audio, that is, with only two channels.

While with the high-end gaming headphones come into play dolby surround 5.1 e 7.1.

These technologies are proven to turn the gaming experience into something phenomenal. They can guarantee this from personal experience.

This technology involves total involvement within your applications.

Listening to music will also be more enjoyable!

Obviously the gaming headphones with Dolby Surround they have a virtual technology and therefore emulated since it is not possible to insert a large number of drivers into such small spaces, which should also be large enough.

Design, Comfort and Controls

Ultimately, before moving on to actual driving, it is also necessary to mention these characteristics, albeit very subjective.

Il design, as well as the comfort and the need to have gods control keys or not are all variables at the user's discretion.

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> it will simply list the aesthetic characteristics and report the impression on comfort that most buyers of a particular product have reported.

It is important in any case that the headphones are comfortable especially since they will have to be used often for many hours and there is also an important aspect to take into consideration: the weight

Obviously this is also a subjective parameter, as is the format:

  • Headphones on ear (supra-aural): type of headphones that simply rests on the ear, usually lighter.
  • Cuffie over ear (circumaural): type of headphones that completely envelops the ear, generally insulating better from the outside.

Evaluate the possibility of being able to exchange the pavilions the type of headset you want to buy.

Also check if there are any gods on your headphones LED RGB controllable by software or by programmable keysmacro or for management multimedia.

In some types of gaming headphones there are additional keys to adjust the sound, mute or not the microphone, pause / play keys or simple programmable keys using the manufacturer's software.

In some cases they could prove useful so consider beforehand if you need to have them.

Let us now pass, after this complete introduction, to the buying guide for gaming headsets!

Best budget gaming headsets •

Within this first section we will find the cheaper gaming headphones and affordable to anyone.

Obviously the products within this category will not be of excellent quality but they will still be able to offer a fair value quality / price.

Let's see immediately what are the first proposals for this low end, although personally I advise you, if your budget allows it, to skip this section and aim for something better.

Sharkoon B1

The next article was made by a company already known for its quality and reliability of the products. In particular, we are talking about headphones Sharkoon B1, compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One e smartphone.

The design is definitely comfortable and aesthetically they do not sin of elegance. The material used for the pavilions is leatherette and has a very comfortable padding along the headband that we will wear on our heads.

As for the audio of the headphones and microphone there are no doubts about their quality, moreover the connection makes use of the classic double 3.5mm jack (headphone and microphone).

Finally, the price is around 40 euros, but after having tested them you immediately understand that the cost of the article is more than justified.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

These are probably the best gaming headphones with the relatively lower price.

They offer great performance to a rapporto qualità / prezzo very advantageous.

Le HyperX Cloud Stinger possess 50mm directional drivers.

The materials with which they are structured are of excellent workmanship and despite this the gaming headphones they weigh little (about 275 gr.).

They run quietly on both PC that of consul since they are equipped with a single Jack with a splitter with double jack from 3,5mm.

They have one sound pressure 98 dBp and a great one microphone with noise cancellation.

In addition, the headphones are very comfortable for long sessions Gaming thanks to the soft memory foam earpads.

These cuffie da gaming HyperX they are found for just over 50 euros. Purchase is highly recommended.

Logitech G432

The first product that we are going to analyze in this guide is the Logitech G532. If you are a gaming enthusiast you will surely already know this brand, also known for its excellent mice and keyboards.

The headphones are really comfortable even if you wear them for many hours. The earpads are in faux leather and are of the over-ear type. They give excellent sound insulation compared to fabric pavilions, however they heat up more easily, especially during the summer months.

From an audio quality standpoint, the Logitech G432s sound pretty good. They feature 2 50mm audio drivers ensuring a great gaming experience despite the low price. The quality of the microphone is also more than good, one of the best in this range.

The headphones have 3,5 mm jacks and have a wheel to quickly adjust the volume in the headphones.

Best gaming headphones • Mid-range

If what we have presented in the previous section is not enough then here you should start meeting your needs!

Within the mid-range for gaming headphones you will undoubtedly find article with better quality.

Personally I advise you to buy a product of the following range or the next one, leaving out the economic ideas of the previous one.

Let's not get lost in further chat and let's go into detail immediately starting with HyperX!

Corsair Gaming Void

At a much higher price than the previous ones, but nevertheless justifiable, we find the "new" Corsair gaming headset of model Void.

The release of these new peripherals caused a lot of talk at the beginning because of their very particular shape, which in reality does not absolutely affect the comfort of the same.

It is a product equipped with Dolby Surround 7.1 and who owns drivers audio of the size of 50mm.

There are gaming headphones compatible with PC, XboxPs4.

They connect via audio jack from 3,5mm or adapter for Dolby Surround and have an impedance of 32 Ohms.

Purchase also recommended by virtue of the fact that Corsair is an absolutely reliable and industry-leading peripheral brand (many of you may have heard of the K95 Platinum Gaming Keyboard).

Below is the direct link to The Amazon.

Fnatic React

Before heading definitively towards the world of gaming headphones di high quality we must focus on an article that bridges the two worlds.

Let's talk about gaming headphones Fnatic React.

This product can be used as well as on PC also on game console.

It is over-ear headphones that involve enough during gaming sessions.

This device also has a microphone of satisfactory quality.

If we wanted to get more specific these Fnatic own drivers da 53mm, which guarantee extraordinary sound during gaming sessions.

These gaming headphones they embody the compromise between the big expensive and qualitatively superior brands and the poor economic proposals.

It is a balanced and quite interesting offer.

Add the Fnatic React to the cart and give us a thought!

HyperX Cloud 2

Let's go back between best gaming headphones with an extremely versatile and interesting product.

Always to be taken into consideration HyperX when it churns out products of this caliber.

Le cuffie da gaming HyperX Cloud II they are excellent in all respects. They are headphones that can be used safely for listening to music, playing on the PC or even on consul.

The removable microphone also makes them excellent to be an accompaniment outside the home, the audio jack will allow us to use them when and where we want.

You can connect them to the PC in fact directly via jack or alternatively using the supplied USB controller.

I had the opportunity to personally test these headphones and I was pleasantly surprised: the package is really great!

HyperX has produced a very interesting product made with high quality materials, sturdy where necessary but soft in contact with the head.

The pavilions are powerful and deliver audio that looks great for the price spent.

If you own both one console Xbox o PS5 as well as one PC the backward compatibility of these headphones will surely do it for you.

Super relationship quality price!

Best gaming headphones • High-end

We are now approaching closure, however do not be in a hurry: there are still a lot of headsets da gaming extremely valid to discover together!

Obviously in this one price range we will find better build quality than in the previous ones, a significant increase in the cost of the items, better customization of the RGB design, better software for managing the peripheral, etc.

Let's not get lost in further talk and let's see together what the best gaming headphones extreme end!

Razer Blackshark V2

The most expensive gaming headphones area of  Razer they are Plug N play of excellent workmanship!

We are talking about the Cloud Revolver S, fully functional even without the use of any software.

Dated of the support to Dolby Surround 7.1 and external sound card are among the best on the market in this price range!

Il USB connection allows its use on PC, PS5, Xbox.

They possess good three-dimensional sound involvement, a flexible microphone (detachable) and the very comfortable closed pavilions.

It has 50mm directional drivers hidden inside a resistant structure. The design splits the driver into 3 parts for separate adjustment of treble, mid and bass, for clear and clean audio, with rich highs and powerful lows.

The ear cushions are made of memory foam, they are soft and transpipulating.

They are truly excellent gaming headphones highly recommended!

SteelSeries Artic 7 Wireless

In the panorama of gaming headphones, the new ones emerge without a shadow of a doubt SteelSeries Artic 7 Wireless.

The latter are considered by the manufacturer to be an innovation, both in the hardware field and from an aesthetic point of view.

The latter underlined above all by the latest result obtained, the conquest of the Red Dot Design Award.

From the hardware point of view, we must not overlook one of the main features, namely the possibility of living your gaming experience, in total freedom, thanks to theWireless Audio.

This feature could present some problems if we think about the duration of the batter, which behaves very well thanks to its 15 hours of battery life.

The headphones, in addition to the design and the wireless feature, have other key points, which make these gaming headphones one of the best choices to make for your ideal gaming set-up.

In fact the headphones are equipped with a ClearCast microphone, which provides a quality of audio output, similar to what we can get with professional microphones in recording studios and cancels background noise thanks to the bidirectional design that follows the same line as the headphones.

Small gem that will please PC and Mac users, the volume regulator to balance both the volume of the game and the gaming chat with other users.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Another branded product could not be missing in our guide SteelSeries, let's talk about Close Pro.

They are designed for professional gamers. The features that best reflect the quality of these gaming headphones are: the 40mm speakers, which offer a clean sound free from any background noise, the ClearCast microphone, surpasses these headphones, since they make any chat pleasant by making it precise, almost as if your colleague / friend were there next to you during the session of intense gaming.

A precision to do concerns the audio. The quality speakers with high density magnets reproduce Hi-Res audio up to 40.000 Hz. Also, for the first time in the world of gaming, these headphones have DTS Headphone: X v2.0 audio.

Despite all these features, which give an idea of ​​what kind of headphones they are, the SteelSeries Arctic Pro, set a new starting point for ergonomics thanks to the new materials used for production. The elastic fabric wraps the head perfectly, distributing the weight comfortably and eliminating pressure points.

In conclusion, I also point out the presence of AirWeave fabric pads to let the ears breathe, and the ultralight steel arches.

Astro Gaming A40 TR

We conclude our guide with one of the most famous gaming headphones.

It is much loved by gamers: let's talk about Astro and more specifically of the model Gaming A40 TR.

First of all it must be pointed out that there are several versions of this product: some optimized for PC others instead for consul. There are also different colors.

Le gaming headphones Astro have a really excellent sound, they are also sold in version with MixAmp,

The A40 TR gaming headset is lightweight, comfortable and built to last. High sensitivity unidirectional microphone focuses on voice and minimizes background noise, can be placed on either side of the A40 TR headset

This is a great article well above all those previously proposed.

Each version has a different price. Check for yourself the one that suits you best by clicking on the box below!

Best Gaming Headphones • Conclusions

We have seen together which are the best gaming headphones by price range.

Among the major brands, the absence of Razer in the last paragraph since the notes headphones Man o 'war have some construction flaws including very low impact resistance and poorly made materials.

However we have seen together countless very interesting products that can replace the brand aforementioned.

For any doubt or question do not hesitate to comment below in the appropriate section.

The thanks you for reading and hopes you enjoyed your stay here.

Keep following us and continue browsing our blog!

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