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    • Sony MDR-ZX110

    • Wired
    • The cheapest
    • Sennheiser HD 400s

    • Wired
    • The best quality / price ratio choice!
    • Marshall Major IV

    • wireless
    • Wireless stilose!
    • Sennheiser PXC 550 II Wireless

    • wireless
    • Audiophile quality!

    La music it's one of those things that the whole world agrees with, and having them best headphones to listen to it it can definitely change the day.

    There is no time, or situation, in which a music cannot radically change the atmosphere.

    La music has this power: to take emotions, express them and transform them into notes.

    Precisely for this reason, many people want to always have their favorite music with them.

    Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible to listen to your beloved notes in any place and at any time. The disorder towards other people is always around the corner.

    In these situations, however, they can come to your aid best headphones on the market.

    Think how nice it would be to be able to isolate yourself from the world for a moment and be just you and your favorite song.

    It must also be admitted, however, that the models on the market are truly infinite, and often even with so many different technologies and features among them that, understanding which one is perfect for your needs, becomes almost a titanic undertaking.

    Here, then, that our guide could really give you a huge help in all of this.

    Before starting with examining this interesting topic, however, we also want to make you aware that, on the market, there are two large groups regarding headphones:

    • i templates for listening to music and other multimedia files
    • i models for gaming

    In this article we are going to examine the best specific headphones for listening to music.

    We have, however, also created another comprehensive guide to the best gaming headsets.

    Now it's your turn to choose which ones headphones are for you!

    That said, let's begin our journey between best headphones for listening to music.

    I advise you to always keep this handy index that I created specifically to allow you a smooth reading.

    Contents of the article:

    • Best Headphones - Introduction
    • Best Headphones - Structural Features
    • Best bluetooth, wireless or cable headphones?
    • Best Headphones - Technical Specifications
    • Best Headphones - More Useful Details
    • Best Headphones - buying guide

    Best headphones for music • Buying guide

    Now you certainly have a clearer idea of ​​what you can find in the market, and also of what you really need.

    Taking into account everything we have said so far, we have selected only the best headphones for listening to music, Both with cable and wireless.

    You will find different models of different types, and all in ascending order of price.

    Let's not get lost in further chat and let's see together what awaits us!

    Sony MDR-ZX110

    This type of headphones belongs to the category supraural, or on-ear.

    Has a frequency response ranging from 24 to 22.000 Hz and one sensibility at 98 dB.

    To underline theirs great compactness and ease of transport thanks to the possibility of folding the structure on itself.

    I pavilions they are well padded to give you optimal comfort.

    You can choose between the version without microphone, and also the one with integrated microphone.

    Has a cable 120 cm long.

    The price is around 15 euros.

    Sennheiser HD 400

    Now here is a slightly more expensive, let's say mid-range model that could well meet most of your needs.

    It is always a model with folding structure to guarantee comfort and compactness at the same time.

    - earphones they are well closed and padded and ensure a perfect reduction of various external noises.

    The headphone also has a very good integrated microphone which is used both for calls and to manage, via voice command, the different settings of the music you are listening to.

    It has a frequency response ranging from 18 to 20.000 Hz and aimpedance of 18 OHm.

    As for the sensibility we are about 100 dB.

    The cost is around 69 euros.

    Marshall Major IV

    This model is, in practice, a wireless headset that takes advantage of technology Bluetooth.

    It is perfectly compatible with almost all the different technological devices and offers you considerable versatility.

    La battery it is extremely high quality since it ensures you a perfect performance of listening for well 30 hours no stop.

    It has a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20.000 Hz.

    Excellent too sensibility since they are about 99 dB.

    In the package you will also find a convenient remote control to manage the different settings even remotely.

    It has the integrated microphone and it is also a rather compact and comfortable model to carry around and listen to music with excellent sound quality and very little disturbance from the noises of the external environment.

    It is also resealable on itself.

    Sennheiser PXC 550 Cuffia Wireless

    Finally, here is a really advanced model. Definitely not cheap, but if you are looking for a type of headphone that gives you high sound quality this is the one.

    Wireless headset, which means that it works even without connecting a cable.

    It has a battery very resistant that with only 3 hours of charging guarantees an autonomy of 30 hours non-stop.

    It connects to different devices thanks to the Bluetooth.

    Extremely light as they have a weight of only 222 grams.

    Everything can be conveniently folded and transported with you without difficulty or large encumbrance problems.

    It has a frequency response of which ranges from 17 to 23.000 Hz.

    THEimpedance instead it is 460 hM and the sensibility at 110 dB.

    Best Headphones • Buying Guide

    - aspects to be evaluated when you go to buy a model of headphones for music there are really many.

    Precisely for this reason, the best thing is to dwell on each single aspect in depth in order to have, in the end, a complete and exhaustive picture.

    There are, in fact, many technical aspects, but also structural and practical ones, to be considered.

    Take a few minutes of calm and read the following paragraphs carefully. You will see that afterwards you will already have everything clearer and clearer in your head.

    Best headphones • Structural features

    Let's start first from the structural aspect, which is also what immediately catches the eye.

    If you have already looked at the market, you will surely have realized, how you can find a different multitude of models and it will vary.

    In order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, we explain immediately which are the characteristics that will structurally characterize the products that you will find in the following paragraphs.

    Le headphones to listen to music they can seem almost all the same if you have never given weight to certain aspects. Let's see them together:

    • closed headphones: they are headphones with a high isolation capacity from different external noises.
      They are a bit heavy and if you are not used to them, they could, in the long run, bother you a little. As for the quality of sound and the elimination of the various annoying elements of the environment around you, however, it has no equal, which is why I recommend them;
    • Open headphones. As you can well guess, in this case, the isolation from external sounds is very low. On the other hand, however, they are much lighter and more compact.
      It all depends on the use you are going to make of it. There are, to tell the truth, also semi-open models that are an excellent compromise between the previous type and this one.
      Of the headphones to listen to music of this type could be ideal on occasions when portability and convenience take precedence over everything else;
    • Cuffie on-ear. You may have also heard them referred to as "supraurals".
      In practice, they are headphones that only cover the area of ​​the auricle. The insulation from external noise is not optimal, but they are very compact and practical even if you have to carry them with you from one place to another;
    • Cuffie over-ear. They are, perhaps, the largest and most voluminous on the market and cover the whole ear. As you may have already guessed, in this case, isolation from the outside world is optimal.
      They are, however, quite bulky and heavy and therefore, perhaps, not so practical to carry around.
      Perfect for those who care about sound quality and want to dedicate themselves to their music in a stationary way;
    • Cuffie in-ear: they are the most comfortable, in some ways or the least comfortable if we want to put it from another point of view.
      Well the in-ear headphones they are what we usually call earphones and that I personally hate so much. It 's true, maybe they are too bad, on certain occasions "they have their why".
      We will not deal with them in this guide but if you are looking for very light and very practical earphones to always carry with you then take a look at our guide on the best earphones;

    As you can see, the choices are really many and telling you which is the best or the worst is not easy as it all depends on the use you are going to make of it and on the real and tangible need that you yourself have.

    Se you want to always carry them with you you must, inevitably, opt for a compact and practical model.

    If, on the other hand, your intention is to use them only at home, here you can also opt for a more voluminous and performing model.

    Best Headphones • Wired or Wireless?

    Another important aspect, which to tell the truth we can also define as a structural aspect, is precisely the presence or absence of a cable.

    The headset must necessarily connect to an external source to be able to spread music.

    This connection can take place in two ways:

    • with cable
    • without cable

    Il connection via cable it can be done through typology USB, mini-jack and other micro types of the sector.

    Il connection without cable, on the other hand, it can take place in several ways:

    • infrared. They have a very low cost, but also a very limited range of action;
    • radio frequency (RF). They offer you a range of 100 meters, but be careful because interference is always around the corner;
    • Bluetooth. Definitely the most popular, and also the best in terms of wireless connection. They are versatile and work perfectly with any technological device with integrated Bluetooth.

    Again, the choice between headphones with cable cuffie wireless bluetooth it is strictly personal.

    Generally the headphones with cable high-end are preferred by audiophiles as they are more trusted for high sound quality.

    It is also obvious that having a headset without a cable allows you greater mobility and practicality in its use, which is why the Bluetooth headphones to listen to music have definitely depopulated in recent years.

    Best headphones • Technical specifications

    Let's now move on to the most important paragraph of all, namely the different ones technical aspects that must be considered when it comes to headphones for listening to music.

    Here the parameters are truly manifold. Let's start with order.

    • Frequency response. It is indicated with a number followed by the Hz value. You may be wondering what this “Hz” is. The number of frequencies that the headset is able to perceive and diffuse is none other than the number of frequencies. It is an important fact that can make you understand the variety and versatility of the model you are examining. To give you some useful advice we can tell you that our hearing can perceive from 20 to 20.000 Hz.
    • Impedance. Another difficult term if you are not a true expert on the subject. In practice, we mean the resistance that the headphones have towards the sound signal. A little difficult right? Please note that the higher the impedance, the higher the sound quality. Although, too high an impedance leads to a volume problem. One more piece of advice we can give you is to also check the impedance of the device you will use the most. The value of the headset and the device should be as similar as possible.
    • Sensitivity. Perhaps the value you have most to do with as it is expressed in decibels, dB. In practice, the higher the dB value, the louder the music will be.
    • Audio channels. Without getting too technical, keep in mind that different headphones can have different numbers of audio channels. As for the specific type for listening to music, two audio channels are more than enough, one for earphone. In practice, called stereo headphones.

    These are the benchmarks that can give you a clear idea of ​​what the model of headphones in front of you can look like without the need to use them.

    Do not forget, however, that user experience is the first parameter of judgment and is worth more than any specific technique.

    Best headphones • Which to buy?

    Before proceeding with the best models of headphones for listening to music on the market, we would like to give you some little more advice.

    If you have decided to opt for a model without cable, always remember to also check:

    • la top-up mode
    • il charging time Battery
    • la temporal duration of the charged battery

    These are details that can really positively or negatively affect their use.

    Another tip is to think about whether to opt for the purchase of a headset that also has the integrated microphone or less.

    A headset with integrated microphone certainly gives you greater versatility as it also allows you to use them to talk on the phone or via chat with your PC, for example.

    Last but not least, it also evaluates the presence or absence of one active noise reduction function.

    Also check if there is a case for yours in the package you are about to buy headphones to listen to music, and eventually buy one.

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