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If you are looking for a CASE​ that meets your every need with an honest price, then you should probably read what we have to say about it Fractal Design Define 7, in my opinion the best case ever.

I see it difficult but if you don't know Fractal Design you must know that it is a Tech brand renowned for the attention to detail it brings to its products, recognizable because stylish e Professional.

If this Define 7 has already caught your attention so stay with me inside this Full review!

Fractal Design Define 7 • Technical specifications

Initially I said that the price was fair but not generous, in fact it is around 200 euro, which may seem like a lot but according to everything he offers I wouldn't think twice about trusting him.

However, the specifications of this majestic house are generous.

Weight: 13.49 kgArchiving: up to 14 x 2,5 "/ 3,5"
Pre-installed fans: 3 x 140mmSD card reader: No
USB: 1 x 3.1 type c, 2 x 3.0, 2 x 2.0Dimensions: 547 x 240 x 475 mm
Max Cooler Height: 185 mmRGB:  nd
Maximum GPU Length: 315mm - 491mmDust filters: 4

It is certainly not a piece of hardware that will go unnoticed in your room and if well filled it may even require it to be placed on stable surfaces or on the ground.

within the Fractal Design Define 7 you will find a series of additional accessories that when you buy a product of this range you also expect.

In addition to the six bay in the package, they are included three fans 140mm of excellent quality, placed one in the back and two in the front, with an internal predisposition up to 9 fans.

Little big gem is the presence of Connect Nexus II Fan Hub, a device located in the compartment behind the frame for the motherboard, which allows you to connect and manage up to six fans at the same time.

Another very nice feature is the fact that it natively presents the possibility of positioning the Video Card in place vertical and all the possible arrangements for fans, radiators and GPUs are listed in the instruction manual.

It is possible to install up to three fans in the upper and front sections, two in the lower and one in the rear (as long as there is no CD player installed).

Fan support on Fractal Design Define 7

Support ai radiators is vast: we can in fact place a 420mm heatsink above and a 280mm heatsink on the front or respectively one 360mm above and one in the front. In both cases it is then possible to install an additional one 120mm radiator on the bottom of the case.

Support for radiators on Fractal Design Define 7

Fractal Design Define 7 • Build quality and modularity

One thing that immediately strikes you about this Fractal Design Define 7 is its constructive quality.

Beyond the materials which, as the brand promises, are always super premium to the touch, the Define 7 spoils you with his modularity shocking.

Only at the top it consists of four panels (one free of charge different from the basic version), in order the upper armature of the cabin, the dust filter, the standard upper bulkhead and an accessory, equipped with holes to facilitate theairflow.

Proceeding with the front wall, this can be opened (and the direction of the opening can be changed) to access a "hidden" section, if we want to call it so, in which you will have the possibility to house the HDD slots in addition to the good old cd player, if necessary.

At the bottom the Fractal Design Define 7 it has an additional mesh dust filter that can be removed from the bottom of the front bulkhead, which can also be washed if necessary.

Also on the bottom is equipped with a removable bulkhead that allows you to perform the best cable management and when applied it hides a good part of the tangle, always aimed at offering a design clean e minimal.

Finally, moving on to the interiors: here too there is a removable frame to make room for a custom liquid system or adjustable to hide the hard disk bays, which can also be positioned as desired.

You will be able to better understand what I am talking about by following our video where all the modular sections of this eo are shown in detail case and gaming.

Fractal Design Define 7 • Cable management ed estetica

From an aesthetic point of view this Define 7 has no equal among the case da gaming minimal high-end!

It does not have any type of RGB lighting but it has an enviable quality and an engineering that very few can boast.

Il cable management it is carried out in a clear way thanks to the high quality plastic gaskets that are used to accompany the cables on the back.

These will then be embraced by the adhesive strips Fractal Design which will make your case neat and clean even in the back.

The space in the lower bulkhead where to hide the power supply cables is indeed a lot.

Fractal Design Define 7 • Final thoughts

I believe that the product knows how to satisfy from the first impressions.

The instructions are very clear, the materials are excellent, the modularity and the functionalities are many but they are concentrated in those necessary for auser experience unmatched.

Already from the first assembly you will not find hitches despite the feature of which I told you are really many, this is due to the excellent work done by Fractal Design in enhancing theuser experience. Everything is explained very well in the manual.

As already said the price is not for everyone but neither is the product: if you are looking for a tamarro, futuristic or colorful case then I would never recommend the Fractal Design Define 7 but if you are a type minimal, sophisticated e professional, then it's a whole other story!

This is one of the houses best for install an al custom liquid and remains a first choice for those who want to make advanced modding.

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