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Some time ago we already reported how and where to download free screensavers for PC, in order to customize your computer desktop according to your needs. If the screensavers are in your opinion too "heavy" and "invasive" then you could try to change only it desktop wallpaper (wallpaper). But to get the best result, you don't have to settle for just any background image, but we recommend trying some 4K funds, that is, very high resolution wallpapers that will make your computer screen look like a real window overlooking the sea or a lake, mountain, space or any other place you want.

A desktop wallpaper that is beautiful and inspiring to look at can liven up your work day and give you a moment of relaxation. With the advent of 4K standards, there is a treasure trove of inspiring images that could become the wallpaper on your PC or Mac

Below are some of the sfondi desktop 4K more interesting and that you can add to your computer desktop. Although 4K refers to the resolution 3840 x 2160, these wallpapers will easily adapt to any screen size. All the links you will find have been tested by us and are safe to use.

1. Beetle

Is it a cockroach or some other type of larva? It doesn't matter because either way this image is absolutely eye catching and a perfect way to use every pixel of that new one display 4K what do you have. This image not only offers the high resolution, but also the beautiful colors, which will particularly benefit the lucky owners of the IPS panels.

You will find this 4k wallpaper and many others at the following link:

2. Miami Windows

Maybe it's not as stunning as other wallpapers, but who said everything has to be bright to leave permanent marks on retinas? This super smooth variation of Windows 10's default wallpaper has a nice purple to pink shade, giving it that kind of sun-kissed Miami Vice feel.

You can download this 4K wallpaper at this link

3. Apple MacBook Pro 4K

Do you want to put a Mac wallpaper on Windows 10? No problem! With Wallpaper FlareWallpaper Flare you will be able to download these 4K wallpapers absolutely Free . The resulting display is, frankly, gorgeous - prepare to be blown away by the pixelated graphics and rich colors. In addition to the 4K display, these screens are available for any standard laptop resolution, such as MacBook desktop, dual, triple or quad monitor, or as an Android or Surface tablet.

4. Astronaut Digital Wallpaper

What could be more surreal than watching an astronaut circumnavigate the earth? On this page this page you will find a fantastic collection free of space wallpapers in 4K to give you an Interstellar-like wallpaper. Its HD wallpapers range from wormholes to Martian colonies and the surface of the Moon.

5. Aquarium 4K Live Wallpaper

If you want a gorgeous one aquarium on the screen with different types of fish colliding with each other, Microsoft Store has what's right for you. This relaxing 34MB wallpaper isn't free, but you can install it on up to ten Windows 10 devices, including PCs, HoloLens, Surface Hubs, and mobile devices.

You can also download Sim Aquarium 3 if you want a variety of fish displays with relaxing sounds for free.

6. Lake Waterfalls

One of the most relaxing wallpapers for PC is that of a waterfall flowing into a natural pool. Wallpaper Up has a free collection of such images, perfect for nature lovers. Resolutions are actually much higher than 4K (images are available up to 8K), but the wallpaper easily resizes to any screen size. All images are absolutely free.

7. Desktop Live Wallpapers

Are you looking for a large selection of free animated wallpapers on your screen from an authorized site? Desktop Live Wallpapers Microsoft Store Desktop Live Wallpapers offers more stunning scenes that will leave you spellbound. The interactive display helps you select one 4k background customized for any occasion, start a new wallpaper on startup and upload your personal video files.

8. League of Legends

Fans of this multiplayer online game will now be able to enjoy the brightest 4K screens and vertical displays from the game's official website. Consisting of more than 600MB, League Display requires a full installation, healthy RAM (8GB and more), and some settings adjustments.

But the wait is worth it as there is a huge collection of displays and motion graphics, as well as online updates with each version of the game. This is an amazing collection that covers everything from animated art to cosmic displays and 4K screensavers.

9. Rainmeter

Rainmeter it's more than just a wallpaper display. It is the live-enabled desktop that offers an interactive overview of system health and resources directly from the desktop screen. Whether it's learning about CPU and RAM usage or working with the calendar and individual folders, you can "feel" the background very personally. After downloading, you can import many custom display skins which can be resized to resolution 4K.

10. Storyblocks Animated Wallpapers

You may need a search engine for free 4K free on a variety of abstract topics. Storyblocks gives you the ability to choose these new ideas from a huge inspiring collection, whether you want an abstract wavy transition on your desktop or DNA molecules, with many more choices available.


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