Google Books turns 15 and renews itself

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The platform Google Books celebrates its first 15 years online. A long journey that so far made by the service, certainly not without difficulties and stumbles, which today reached a milestone celebrated with the launch of a completely new version. The new graphics make its debut, a makeover designed to make the immense archive usable from any device and even easier to explore.

The new Google Books is online

There are over 40 million volumes currently hosted by Books, available in more than 400 languages. As Haimin Lee (Product Manager) points out in his speech on the official blog, Libri was born with the aim of making knowledge accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world and regardless of the tool used. The new design for desktop that debuts today goes in this direction as well as some new features designed to simplify reading and discovering the texts.

Access to descriptions, authors' bio and other published works, bibliographies has been simplified so as to be able to cite the correct sources if the platform is used for studies or research, without forgetting the reviews shared by users. Also highlighted are the options available forpurchase or loan some books. Then there is a Search Engine useful for quickly finding citations and passages within the texts, with precise indications on the page and the paragraph that contains them.

On the occasion, a collaboration with the team of Arts & Culture. The Books: From Scrolls to Screens section hosts content related to rare, historical or iconic books, while From a Picture to 1.000 Stories is an interactive experiment that allows you to explore the huge catalog of Books starting from a series of images with some relevance to the texts; you click on a photograph and get suggestions about the books in the archive.

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