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And if Google Reader back in vogue, directly integrated into Google Chrome? The idea is on the table. The project, currently floating in the early planning stages of the Chromium die (“Canary” level), has a “Follow” button that allows you to follow a certain source in order to receive updates when available. The whole would be based onRSS, using the feed to nurture this type of useful content more than anything else to create a bond with their "followers".

Has the usefulness of feed readers been underestimated? Could the consequences of their downgrading have been deleterious for the system, to the point of recognizing an underlying goodness that may suggest recovering at least the essential functions?

The return of Google Reader

For now, this is clearly an experimental project that will kick off in the US on some Android users: "our goal is to allow people to follow the sites they care about the most, from the big publisher to the small blog, by pressing the Follow button. on Chrome. When the site publishes content, the user can see the updates from the new Following section “.

Although not much more is known to date, the feeling is that this mechanism may also have a lot to do with the notification management sent by the sites. Chrome could offer an alternative to publishers to allow the management of a direct contact (always and in any case via the browser), but at the same time all could authorize greater restrictions on notifications (which today are beyond control). Google would once again convey the link between user and content, claiming this management through a concession: a return to feeds, a central tool for managing information only until a few years ago.

The consequence would be that of a return of Google Reader, although not in its original form, but integrated into Google Chrome. If the first testers were to like it, the experiment will most likely continue with a new reshaping of the way users connect to websites in the long run.

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