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It comes from the Area 120 incubator of Google a new tool designed to promote collaboration in the smart working era: Tables. Deals with optimize your workflow managed by team members by means of automatisms.

Google Area 120: Tables to organize work

The tool is designed among other things to detect without any manual intervention progress made on a project, send deadline reminders if necessary, reassign tasks based on availability or bring an issue to everyone's attention that needs urgent consideration. This is the comment by Tim Gleason, General Manager working on the product, who explains quite clearly what the need for a service like Tables comes from.

I've been in the tech industry for a long time and have been with Google for ten years. During my time in the workforce, I have always encountered difficulties in monitoring projects. Our teams have collected notes and documents that are often out of date. We found ourselves having to manually synchronize information. I have spent a lot of time coordinating team members to prioritize operations. I have spent more checking work than not working.

Obviously, full integration with the tools for the productivity made available by Google, starting with those of the family G Suite, but also Contacts and Groups (just renewed in the interface). Compatibility with Slack is also mentioned on the official website.

After the test phase, today Google makes Tables accessible to everyone. It comes in one free and in another paid ($ 10 / month per user) with some extra features.

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