HyperX Pulsfire Haste • The ultra-light inexpensive mouse!

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Surely you have already heard of HyperX. a brand which represents the reference point for all professionals of Esports for several years!

In 2021 HyperX presented one of the best mice you can find on the market during this calendar year, and certainly the best mouse of their line-up.

This ultra-light gaming mouse it had an embarrassing success from the first weeks of its release!

Let's find out together!

HyperX Pulsfire Haste • The best gaming mouse of 2021!

HyperX follows the trend of lightweight mice, which have now taken over for some time now.

I ultra-light mice are suitable for those who play FPS or level competitive. The lightness of a mouse allows for more responsive reflections and gives great advantages in the game.

What I am about to introduce you is in my opinion the best gaming mouse HyperX has ever launched as well as one of the hottest news of the 2021.

Let's move on to technical specifications of the Pulsfire Haste!

HyperX Pulsfire Haste • Technical Specifications

Il Pulsfire Haste mounts a sensors Pixart PAW 3335, for an Pixart mid range lineup sensor.

Quite a strange choice since it is a low energy consumption sensor, which is however mounted on a wired mouse.

This may suggest that we may probably see a version in the future Wireless del Pulsfire Haste.

In any case, the Pixart PAW 3335 it goes up to 16.000 DPI and of presets they are set by default on 4 levels (400-800-1600-3200).

Like every today's standard mouse il Pulsfire Haste has a polling rate of 1000 Hz.

The most important detail of this device is clearly the weight, which without cable is estimated around 59 grams. Instead, we move on to 80 grams declared, also considering the resistance of the wire.

Il mouse also has two side buttons as well as that for adjusting the DPI profile.

La cable length is 1.9 meters.

The estimated life of the device is 60 millions of clicks and it comes with a warranty di 2 years.

You can buy the HyperX pulsfire Haste to a figure slightly less than 60 € by clicking on the following box, which will take you to Amazon!

HyperX Pulsfire Haste • Build quality, aesthetics and software

La constructive quality of this Pulsfire Haste by HyperX definitely leaves nothing to be desired.

Although the armor is reduced to a minimum to reduce the weight of the device, solidity is absolutely not lacking.

Aesthetically speaking the Pulsfire Haste it's a mouse pretty simple. It has just a little lighting RGB to the sides of the mouse wheel.

What we want to talk about is definitely the software NGENUITY which allows you to manage all mouse settings.

Those who have followed us for the longest time know how I have expressed myself several times about it. The software NGENUITY is the only neo that HyperX currently has on its wide range of products.

Although it allows to carry out all the most common operations; then arrange the DPI, change the profile of RGB lighting, polling rate, create different game profiles and so on, it's not yet a mature and reliable software like that of the competition.

NGENUITY is still in beta after some time from its publication and is certainly not the most loved software by gamers.

Se HyperX could improve some gaps then surely the whole line-up of products would benefit immeasurably.

To discover in detail each function of the software follow ours video.

HyperX Pulsfire Haste • Final Thoughts

As we have already hinted for much of this review il Pulsfire Haste probably represents the best proposal ever of HyperX on its range of gaming mice.

It is currently a best-buy su Amazon in the category of ultra-light gaming mouse.

We didn't have any particular problems in naming him best gaming mouse of 2021, which although it is certainly a high responsibility, we believe this Pulsfire Haste can fully support it.

Il Pulsfire Haste has one of the best quality / price ratios of the market regarding the gaming mouse section.

The only drawback, not too disabling is the software in beta, which has not yet reached its final stage of glory, and we hope it will soon be so.

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