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Lately we have come to the point of not believing in pages to make money on the Internet, by people who create fake pages to make profit from it. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and even waves of comments directed to these people have been highlighted, highlighting that even they are self-serving because when their pages are registered by the Marketing Association (just to see if it is feasible or not), they end up blocking the pages created before.

We believe that it was necessary to give you this information to emphasize that Scarlet Clicks is a reliable and feasible page.

If you are interested in knowing more about this site and how to make so much money with it, the best thing is to follow the article and learn the tricks and tactics that will lead you to it.

What is Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet Clicks, one of the oldest PTCs in the paid advertising sector.聽We are talking about a site that has been online since 2009, during which time it has always paid its users on time.

Although in its beginnings it started working with Aurora script, at the moment it runs under Evolution script.

How does Scarlet Clicks work

Like all the PTCs that run with this script, its operation has no mystery and is very simple to use. The ways to earn money with it are the usual ones: watching ads, playing ScarletGrid, completing offers, inviting friends, renting referrals, etc.

How to earn money with Scarlet Clicks

As we said at the beginning, the ways to earn money in Scarlet Clicks are the typical ones in any PTC running under the Evolution script. They are the following:

  • Viewing ads: Every day we will have several ads to display. They do not have “ad focus”, so it is not necessary to see them, just clicking on them and then completing the captcha will be enough
  • ScarletGrid: Game you can play every day. You just have to click on a panel full of boxes containing advertisements.
  • >strong>PTCWall: Section where we can also earn money through the display of ads.
  • >strong>PTSU: You can earn from $0.05 to $0.25 by registering on other sites under the links of other users.
  • Getting referrals: The good thing about Scarlet Clicks is that it has no limits when inviting friends and getting referrals, so if you are good at this, it can be a very interesting additional source of income. Profits per click range from 40% to 100%.
  • Renting referrals: At Scarlet Clicks we can rent referrals. The price of each one is 0,15$ and the minimum package to be acquired is 5 (0,75$). The limit of those we can have is limited by our membership. With the free one, we can rent up to 200.
  • >Buying referrals: Through this option we can buy other referrals, although it is not recommended, since they are users who have registered without an invitation link and in 99% of the cases they will not be active, so they will only generate losses for us.

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