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A few months after the debut in our country of Google Pay the service is integrated by  in the application Postepay available as a free download on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. Compatibility with the payment method is offered to the more than six million customers of the group in possession of a Postepay Evolution or Postepay Evolution Business card.

Google Pay nell'app PostePay

The feature allows you to perform shop in store simply by bringing the phone (if equipped with the Near Field Communication module) to the contactless POS, without sharing any data on the card with the seller. Google Pay can also be used to buy products and make transactions pagamenti online. The application, according to what was declared by in the press release announcing the news, has so far been downloaded about 8 million times from digital stores and over 2,7 million people use it as a wallet (e-wallet) for everyday activities.

With Google Pay, payment from a smartphone is simple and safe: in stores, just bring the device compatible with NFC technology close to the contactless POS. Google Pay also doesn't share your card number with retailers. Users of the Postepay app can enable the service in a few clicks through the "Paper management services" available in the app.

Postepay + services

On this occasion, the group remembers the recent introduction in the app of functionalities related to Postepay + services. These include the possibility of buying tickets to travel on public transport and on the lines covered by Trenitalia, to pay for parking in the blue lines in over 100 cities across the country and to refuel in more than 400 service stations of the IP network. Matic. To enable them, simply download an additional component for the application by pressing the “+” button inside the interface. Compatibility is guaranteed with Postepay Standard, Postepay Evolution and Postepay Evolution Business cards.

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