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You connected the headphones to your PC but the audio keeps coming out of breakage Of computer? If you also have this problem of audio playback through the speakers even when headphones are connected, below you will find several useful tips for its resolution. Read carefully all the steps described and let us know the outcome by commenting at the bottom of the article.

You may not need to try all of the following - scroll through the list until you find the one that's right for you.

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Set headphones as default device
  3. Update sound card driver

Solution # 1: Restart your computer

Restarting your computer is often the most effective solution to even the problem of not working headphones. If you want to save time, try restarting your computer now.

1) Reconnect the headphones to the computer.

2) Restart your computer to check the problem.

If the problem persists after rebooting, go ahead and try the tips below.

Solution 2: Set headphones as default device

Sometimes the computer may not be able to set the headphones as the default device immediately after connecting them. This could be why the sound keeps coming out of the computer speakers and not the headphones. To solve this problem follow the instructions below:

1) Click with the right mouse button on the icon of Volume at the bottom right and select Sounds

2) Click on the tab Playback.

3) Make sure that Headphones is set as the default (default) device. If it isn't, right-click and then select Set as default device.

4) Click on the Apply button at the bottom and OK to confirm

Play the audio to test the operation of the headphones. If the sound is still coming from the speaker, try the following fix

Solution # 3: Update Sound Card Driver

When you experience sound problems on Windows, it is almost always the fault of your PC's sound card drivers that are missing or outdated. It is therefore essential to correct or update these drivers, without which hardware devices such as sound cards, headphones and speakers cannot function properly.

There are two ways to update the sound card drivers:

> Manual update If you have computer skills you can try to manually update the audio driver by first accessing the manufacturer's website to download the updated driver and then install it on Windows

> Automatic update If you don't have the time or technical skills to manually update your sound card drivers, we recommend that you rely on Driver Easy. Driver Easy is a program that does everything independently: it searches, installs and updates the drivers for your computer. Here's how it works.

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Start Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problematic drivers.

3) Click the button Update next to the marked audio driver to automatically download and install the correct version of it.

If you notice that you have too many outdated drivers click on the bottom right Update everything to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers of your Windows PC (you will be asked to purchase the “Pro” version to activate this function).

Thanks for the advices. With solution 3 (PC driver update) my headphones are back to working properly!

[Solved] Headphones connected to PC but audio coming out of the Speakers? -

Audio Video [Solved] Headphones connected to PC but audio coming out of the Speakers? -
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