The 11 best series similar to the Paper House

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If one thing is true, how quickly the chapters of a series pass when you live in a constant state of tension! In its fourth season,'The House of Paper' on Netflix has once again offered us a new dose of eight hours of violence, twists in the script and bitter goodbyes, and now we just want more.

In order to satisfy this desire for the House of Paper, Gamerslance would like to present you with 11 alternatives to the House of Paper. In this way you will be able to satisfy your craving for muggings, shootings and violence.

The 11 best series similar to the Paper House

At Gamerslance we would like to present you with the 11 best series LIKE the Paper House so that if you have been left with more desire for impossible robberies you can continue with similar series.

Now you see me (2013)

The first one we present to you is the film Now you see me (2013 ). In this film by Louis Leterrier, the gang formed by Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Fisher Island and Woody Harrelson is dedicated to robbing corrupt businessmen using illusionism, and then raining bills on people.

Prison Break

The second paperhouse-like option we present to you is Prison Break . A man decides to save the life of his brother Lincoln(Dominic Purcell), who has been sentenced to death. Broadly speaking, the plan is to be sentenced to the same prison as him and escape together before fatal destiny awaits him.

Death Note

The third series like this will seem unclassical to you, since it's the famous Death Note anime. A teenager finds a notebook with which to control the future of the world and proclaims himself God of the new world. His 'tour de force' with L, the private investigator who tracks him very closely and with which he measures his amazing intelligence, he is not so away from the conversations between The Professor and Inspector Serrano . On Netflix you can find an adaptation with actors.

Vis a Vis

The fourth similar series we present to you to kill the mood is Vis a Vis. The series immerses us in a plot full of tension, conflicts, plans and as many friends as enemies. Be careful who you trust.

Mission Impossible

The fifth option we present to you is the Mission Impossible film series. Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) and his team have certainly been a great inspiration for the Spanish series, which drinks from his taste for the amazing plot twists , the confidence in the skills of their characters and their ability to regain control even when plans take paths they didn't expect.


Passing the equator of similar series we present you again another film saga, as the Casa de Papel is a pioneer in its genre. In this case we present you the Ocean's saga. From the groundbreaking 'Ocean's Eleven' to the recent female version 'Ocean's 8', this series of movies focuses on robberies of the level of ingenuity, risk, and tension of The Professor's gang.

The fate of the Logans

The seventh in the list of the 11 best series similar to The Paper House is The Luck of the Logans . If you're looking for a heist with the ingenuity of The Paper House and the Saturday Night Live's absurd sense of humor, give it a chance to this delirious film by Steven Soderbergh starring the best tragicomic versions of Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig.


The eighth series similar to the Paper House is Huneters . The stars of this Amazon Prime Video series they don't rob banks or mints: they kill Nazis. That Yes, if you liked the mix of personalities in The Paper House completely different in the same action group that completes dangerous and violent missions,Hunters is going to hook you as much or more.

Breaking Bad

In ninth place on the list of the 11 best series similar to The Paper House is Breaking Bad . The tension of the robberies is transferred in the iconic 'Breaking Bad' to the laboratory, where physics professor turned capo Walter White (Bryan Cranston) manufactures his top-quality cocaine with his pinky Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Hidden plan

The tenth similar series we present to you is the film Hidden Plan . The police officer(Denzel Washington) who is seen in the situation of managing a bank robber(Clive Owen) who seems to have an ace up his sleeve. Surprises will be served in this tremendous pulse between the two sides of the law.

Good girls

The eleventh and final series that we present to you as similar is Good Girls. Christina Hendricks, well known thanks to 'Mad Men', stars in this series about three troubled suburban women to make ends meet that they're considering something very dangerous: raiding the supermarket.

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