The 5 Best Task Manager Apps on Android

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Task managers were a big deal. In the days of FroYo and Gingerbread there weren't many ways to deal with apps and if you will open one it was left open to sap what precious RAM was available on phones at the time. Since Ice Cream Sandwich and the inclusion of the stock Android task manager, there's no reason to use an app like this. Granted, we probably couldn't write any of them, but we care about everyone rocking Android. Even the less than 1% running a version of Android that actually needed it. Here are the best task manager apps for Android.

Advanced Task Killer

ReChild really hit a home run with their Advanced Task Killer. It has over 50 million downloads. It was among the best back when task management apps were actually needed. The app stopped receiving updates around 2016. This makes it more up to date than most task killers these days. It does standard task management tasks. It also has extra things like an ignore list for apps you never want to kill and different levels of killing tasks. Most features are available for free. You can pay the $4,99 if you want. We do not recommend it.


Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is another of the most popular task management apps. It evolved into a phone callback. That's not the best news because the booster apps don't work well. However, it is a task manager that works on Nougat. It's quite rare. You can use it to kill apps and games, clear RAM and a few other things. There is an ignore list for apps that you don't want to close. It's one of a few that works on newer versions of Android. However, we do not recommend that you do so. It is still good for older devices.


ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager is by the same developers who use ES File Explorer. This one looks better than most. It is also one of the few task management apps that have material design. Unlike many of them, the feature list is ridiculously long and includes all the standard features of a task management app along with everything ES File Explorer. The two apps integrate quite well. It is also a free app. Pay attention to the characteristics of snake oil. The app will not speed up your phone. We tried.


Smart Task Manager

Smart Task Manager was previously Android Task Manager. Google Play has cracked developers using Android in their name. Hence, Smart Task Manager was born. It works like one of the classic task management apps. The app can damage tasks, whitelist apps to be ignored by task manager, and you can even shake your device to clear your tasks. It can also display app information and save some of your information. That's about as good as it gets when it comes to task management apps. You can get it for free or pay $2,49 for the full version.


System Panel 2

SystemPanel 2 is one of the only task management apps worth using. Instead of boasting of a magical one-click solution, it shows you a whole bunch of information. This will show you how long the apps will entertain in a particular day. It will also show active apps, app CPU usage, and more. It can also back up data. There are also root features, including disabling app services and more. It really should work with Android Nougat at least. You can get the app for free or get the paid version as an in-app approval.


If we missed any of the best task manager apps on Android, please let us know in the comments.

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