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What makes smart home technology truly intelligent and not just an exercise in style for its own sake? Its ability to support the user in a non-invasive, almost invisible, certainly silent way. That's what theGoogle Assistant when asked to turn the lights off (“Ok Google, turn off the lights”). The problem is well known to all those who have tried at least once to rely on bigG's AI to avoid the hassle of having to get out of bed already half asleep to reach the switch.

The Google Assistant and the lights

By running the voice command, now (finally) theartificial intelligence will avoid TO SCREAM and to wake up. Rather than providing an answer in which he communicates with an inconsiderate volume what he is about to do in our service, he merely emits a quiet sound signal, a slight trill that will not awaken us from the call of Morpheus. A welcome change that not only concerns light bulbs and lighting systems, but also smart plugs and switches connected to power sockets.

We have heard you, we have listened to you. Now if your Google Home or Nest Hub device is in the same room as the smart home lights, instead of saying “Ok, I'll turn off two lights”, it will simply beep to let you know it's doing it.

The confirmation comes from an official support page where an employee of the Mountain View group underlines how the novelty has been introduced in order to respond to numerous requests and reports submitted by users.

  • You, who are about to fall asleep: "Ok Google, turn off the lights in the room".
  • Google Home responds, a little louder than you'd like: "OK, I SWITCH OFF TWO LIGHTS".
  • You, now fully awake, but at least with the lights out.

Sorry for the title.

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