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Are you looking for Android games that look like Pokemon? Then you're in the perfect place.

Pokemon's video game series is unique. The vast majority of people know of its existence and its success is triumphant.

If you're a Pokemon fan and you love its characters, you'll find new Pokemon-like games here that are sure to please you.

What are the problems with Pokemon?

  • Slowness in the game
  • Sometimes the game is not saved
  • Sometimes the game doesn't respond

If you're a regular Pokemon player, you've probably encountered one of these problems. That's why, nowadays there are other games similar to Pokemon with a quite similar performance.

Pokemon-like Android games

From Gamerslance we want to present you with a list of the best Android games similar to Pokemon, so you can discover new games that you are sure to love.

Monster Crafter

First, we're going to introduce you to Monster Crafter . This game stands out for its originality, as it tries to build a creature customized to your taste and imagination. Once created, you will have to entertain it and participate in thousands of different challenges that will entertain you to the maximum.

If you want to have a good time and enjoy yourself, this option is perfect.

Reviews by Monster Crafter [Rating of 4.5/5]

  • "I like it so much, it's impossible to get bored with this game" , Daniel.
  • "I can play online with my friends, very cool. Veronica.
  • "Very top," Roberto.


Evo Creo is very similar to Pokemon in that it follows the same guidelines, although the battle system of the two games is quite different.

Your mission will be to take care of different creatures that you will have to capture and train.

Apart from this, you'll also have to explore new areas, characters and extensive customisation for the creatures.

As you have seen, Evo Creo is a very complete game where you will be able to entertain yourself with endless possibilities.

Reviews of Evo Creo [Rating of 4.2/5]

  • "If you're a Pokemon fan, you're gonna love this game," Tania.
  • "The graphics in this game are very top-notch. Mariona.
  • "I love it." , Pedro.

Beastie Bay

Thirdly, we present Beastie Bay. This is a free Android game where thousands of battles and creature captures take place.

It is known to be one of the most complete games, which makes it a great alternative if you want to live an experience similar to Pokemon.

In addition, you must build your own city and live as a real explorer battling various enemies.

Reviews of Beastie Bay [Rating 4.6/5]

  • "I've already built my own city, I love it. Raul.
  • "Perfect, just what I was looking for." Josep.
  • "I highly recommend it.

Neo Monsters

Neo Mon sters is a pay game (0.50 cents). In this game you can discover a total of 6 worlds to explore where you will have to do more than 140 missions and, like the great majority of this type of game, you will have to capture a great amount of creatures to gain points and obtain greater benefits.

This game is a clone very similar to Pokemon with a variety of characters that will make you live a perfect adventure.

Reviews by Neo Monsters [Rating of 4.2/5]

  • "I like it very much. The creatures are very cool," Monica.
  • "Their animations are great," Jordi.
  • "I love it." Vero.

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