From June 1, 2021, Google Drive will have a limit of 15GB

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Google announced a change in the space management rules of storage on their servers. Users with a Google Account were now basically convinced that they had almost infinite space since the available limits were so high as not to be a concern for most of the community. But now the story changes because the amount of files and services that refer to the Mountain View cloud servers is changing.

Google, 15GB as of June 1, 2021

Everything will start from June 1 2021. From that day on, Google will start calculating the weight of the files uploaded to your account, by placing a maximum limit of 15GB for all. Within this quantity there must be the images of Google Photos, the documents of Google Docs, the spreadsheets of Google Spreadsheet, as well as forms, presentations and all that is the world of Google Drive.

The greatest weight is that of email attachments or backup photos / videos from your mobile devices. The overall calculation does not include files uploaded before June 1, 2021: from that date, therefore, everyone starts from the same level (except for users who use a Google Pixel, for which partially different rules apply).

Google has explained that it wants to put a maximum ceiling, albeit a large one, in order to continue to invest in the service and avoid that few users can abuse the gratuity granted to everyone. What happens over 15GB of space? All you have to do is pay for a subscription to Google One, an archiving service that allows you to put aside all the material you want at low prices. With 1,99 euros per month, for example, you can raise the threshold of your space up to 100GB, reaching 200GB with 2,99 euros per month. With 49,99 euros per month, 10TB is even reached, something that today is to be taken into consideration more than anything else in the business field.

To find out how much space it is currently occupying, and how, just click here. By visiting this page, however, you can understand how to save space by deleting the most cumbersome and potentially less useful files.

According to Google, the 15GB limit will not be reached by most users for 3-4 years. If a user does not use a service for more than 2 years, the occupied space will be deleted (but will receive more than one notification before the cancellation can take place).

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