Generator of Dice

A die is similar to an object (small in size) and, traditionally, cubic in shape, so it has 6 faces. But we can find dice in other shapes, 4-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided, 20-sided and even 100-sided, these do not have cubic shapes, and are used mainly in role-playing games. The dice allow us to obtain a random number.

How does online dice work?

In this virtual dice generator, we operate on the principle of chance. The dice are rolled randomly and the probability of the result obtained will be identical for each roll. Therefore, these online dice are designed in such a way that you only have to click one click to roll them.

Roll dice online

Online, it is possible to choose the numbers and faces of the dice that we want to roll and therefore create several dice to facilitate their launch. Our generator is a dice maker. In addition, some details go beyond the generation: here chance is passed in all its contingencies that represent the number of heads, therefore, it is logical that these probabilities of obtaining the desired number depend mainly on it, as well as the number of dice. Another advantage of online dice is immediacy, in this way, the result will be displayed instantly. It is as fast as pressing a button and waiting a few milliseconds for the algorithm to return the result. It cannot be lost, continuing with the previous point, on occasions, it may happen that the die falls from the table and then it is difficult to find it, online this does not happen.

Virtual dice

There are certain games of chance that require that actor who, randomly, intervenes in the development of a game. Its mechanism is very simple, the player throws it, and the face that is at the top is the one that indicates the movement or action to follow. That is, the operation of the virtual dice does not vary at all with those that we can buy in any physical store. In our generator, you can find any type of virtual dice, in this way we make sure to cover the needs of all our users, depending on the occasion.

Dice to play

There are a multitude of board games that use dice, such as: Yams, Zanzibar, and many others. In addition, there are also versions of certain games that normally contain cards, but in a version with dice. There you will find the ace game, the suites, the marathon, etc. With our generator, you will not need to use physical dice, which we have already said have certain drawbacks, you will simply have to click and in this way everything will be simplified and will go much faster.

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