Generator of Random letters

Random letter generator

Perhaps the simplest generator on our platform, because you only have to indicate how many letters you want to be generated and if they can be repeated. Even so, we are going to indicate the procedure, so that if you have any questions, from now on, everything is clear. For the random letter generator to work properly, just follow these simple steps:

random letters :

Generate more letters

  1. Indicate the number of random letters that you want to be generated. You can do it in two different ways, either by writing it yourself or through the arrows that you will see that appear on the right side of the line on which the numbers appear.
  2. Once you have set the number of letters you want to generate, you will see that below the figure in question, a box appears in case you want to allow letters to be repeated, if so, you have to click above the box, but in in case you don't want to, you can go directly to step 3.
  3. You just have to click on "Generate letters". You will see that, in a matter of milliseconds, the number of letters you had requested will appear and in totally random order.

What functions does our generator have?

At first you could even say that a random letter generator does not make any sense or application, but if you keep reading, you will surely be surprised by the applications that it may have that are very useful and in which you had not fallen before, but once you know them, you will regret not having been using our generator for a long time.

  • One of the main functions of the random letter generator is to create a random alphabet, this can be very useful in the case that you are a teacher or parent of small children (preschool age), since, in this way, you can teach children the correct order of the alphabet.
  • Another function can be to make a small raffle, either with the initials of the names or surnames, in this way you will not have to resort to paper, a pen and an innocent hand, but only to put the initials of the participants, you will be able to order the winners.
  • To help you choose the letter with which to play, for example, the game of "stop", which consists of, starting from a letter, filling in previously assigned categories among all the players, the first one who finishes says STOP! , already then comes the time to share with everyone. Whoever has the most categories filled in correctly, wins.
  • Another function can be the creation of word searches, so that with the letters distributed randomly, you have to find as many words as possible.
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